Monday, April 4, 2011

Computer goes down . . . .

So I am posting this from a friend's computer because last Thursday my computer crashed :(  I shut it down at 6:00am, everything totally fine, I go to start it back up at 3:00pm and nothing ya'll. Just a black screen of death that said my files were corrupted (eek!) It wouldn't even start is safety mode!!

Apparently some files were deleted that my computer needed to boot itself up,

I was so worried because I was way lazy and thought it would never happen to me I was very busy and never backed up my computer. I was terrified all of my pictures would be gone! Thank the Lord there was nothing wrong with my hard drive and $60 later it's fixed.

How many of you have a back up? Take my super scary experience as a warning back it up!!

Anywho, I have several cards to share with you all and I get to pick my computer up tomorrow. So I'll be back then :) Hope your computer stays running smoothly!

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