Saturday, October 22, 2011

Card Drive for Spina Bifida

Hello, hello! I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend. I've spent my week cleaning and crafting but not necessarily blogging :(

Tonight I'm sharing a couple of cards I made for a card drive. The wonderful Giovana is doing a drive for 4 kids who have Spina Bifida. Her goal is to send each child 100 cards, I hope she makes it :)

If you would like to send one of these little angels a card there is still time! Giovana is collecting up until October 31st. You can get all the info here.

These our my contributions

First up a mini coloring book. This whole set-up is super easy. I printed regular card size images. Mine happen to be biblical but you can choose any theme. There are a TON of free coloring book pages online. I made one of each, all with different cover and personalized with computer generated banners.

These little monsters are so adorable!! I stamped them on an angle so they would look like they were being lifted up by their balloons.

These little cuties were stamped with the background builders in my hero arts sentiments set. They include so many little stamps I had a hard time choosing. Some masking and ruler/marker drawing made this really clean.

I used the background builders again to customize my cars paint job :) I think they turned out adorable!! Did you notice some different colors peeking out of my scallops? It was a stamping accident that I actually turned out to like lol. I love when that happens!

Last but not least happy little pinwheels! I saw the colors for Kathy's color palette over at Lily Pad and thought primary colors are perfect for kids cards!!

Here are all the cards that each child will receive.




and Tanner

Thanks for stopping in. I didn't get in detail for the cards because this post is already super long (thanks for sticking with me:) If you have a question please leave me a comment or shoot me an email. Hopefully you'll have time to make a card or two (or send some you already have made) for these precious angels. 

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