Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angie Update

***Delivered the goods you can see the pictures here***

Hi all!

Sorry I'm coming in late with the Angie update an emergency dentist appointment rerouted my schedule :(

I would like to start out by saying Thank you so very much! I have received boxes upon boxes everyday this week. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community, God is good.

Angie is doing fairly well. She had hoped to get into the building to see if there was anything to salvage but because the fire started in the apartment above hers the Fire Department said her apt was not structural sound and it was unsafe to enter. She and the boys have moved in with her Dad until (hopefully) the apartment complex owners can get them an apartment in a different building. This may take until October. Please keep praying for them.

I plan on giving Angie her crafty things as a surprise next week. Don't worry I'll post photos as I'm sure you all will be as excited to see her joy as I am.

If you plan on donating and haven't sent the box yet please include a return address with your name if possible. If you have previously sent a donation and did not include your name please email me at (replace AT with @)

Once again thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, donations and for just spreading the word. God Bless you all. I am sending love and hugs from my crafty heart to yours :) If you haven't seen the post and would like to contribute the original is Here


  1. So glad to hear Angie is doing alright, Kelly. I'll continue to pray for her and her boys.

    (I sent two boxes, and I THINK my name and return address was on both.)

  2. I am very happy that the drive to help Angie has been going so well! I love this wonderful crafting community that we all belong to and especially love how everyone is always ready to help each other out!!

    Hugs to you ALL!! :)

  3. Hi Kelly, I just saw the post about Angie, and I have been cleaning out my craft room. I have a huge box of things I was going to sell/donate anyway. I would rather give them to Angie. Would you still want donations if they won't make it by the 6th? If you could let me know that would be wonderful. My email is I think this is wonderful!! I would be so crushed if all my crafty supplies disappeared! :( Thanks!

  4. so glad to see this update. looking forward to hearing some good news...

  5. wow here it is May and no word about angie or her getting all the goodies. I know i would enjoy seeing pictures as well as an update!!

  6. Deb - Angie was given her goodies about two weeks ago you can find the post here