Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Take on an Old Card or Three . . .

Since I wished you good morning I thought I should wish you good evening too!

Today it's my turn over at A Blog Named Hero and I was actually given the idea by Maria. Maria is a follower in our ABNH flickr group she answered the question "What would you like to see on the blog?" with several wonderful suggestions one of which was to "Redo" a card. Oh man, don't we all have those cards that we wish we never posted lol!! I know I do so I went back . . .back . . .back . . .and found some that I created before I really knew my style. I was on the road to CAS it just wasn't pretty yet heheh. But this does go to show you we are paying attention :) If you have something you'd like to see please drop us a line, we'd love to show you!
Old Card One

New Card One 

Old Card Two

New Card Two

Old Card Three

New Card Three

So I'm going to share the cards here just no explanations :) To see those you'll have to head over to A Blog Named Hero  While you are there don't forget our current challenge is FREESTYLE,  which means anything goes and you could win

Yay!!! Thanks for Stopping by! 


  1. Gosh, I can't wait until my CAS cards look as good as your befores, let alone your afters!

  2. I HOPE you are not downing your OLD cards, Because they are So well done!
    You have just mooved to HIGHER standards:)
    Ditto to what Kathryn said!