Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting to Know You . .or Me in This Case

  Hello crafters!

Let me start with a warning this is long and picture heavy. Oh and blogger decided to be difficult too so some of it looks weird as what. Enjoy ;)
A little while ago I was nominated by the wonderfully talented Michelle Lupton to participate in a "Getting to know you" blog hop. You can get to know Michelle by reading her post here.
I, of course, had to say yes. First because I was so flattered that she would pick me in the first place. Have you seen her stuff? She is one amazing card maker. If you haven't seen her cards please allow me to show you two of my favorites from here :)

Beautiful Bouquet
Now that you know her awesomeness go over and visit her at her blog Handmade by Michelle.
The second reason I was so excited to do this is because it totally supports the new role of my blog which is making real connections with people. What better way to do that :)
Alright lets get to the questions!
1. What projects are you currently working on?
I am currently on two lovely design teams. I create for the wonderful Christine Drogt at Create A Smile. They have the most adorable stamps. (P.S. a little birdie told me that Christine may also be posting a getting to know you post today :)
I am also on the A2ZScrapbooking team where there is always a ton of inspiration on their blog. Plus I get to use all kinds of fabulous Hero Arts goodies! From the very beginning Hero Arts has been my first love. They still are. Wonderful company with wonderful people that make wonderful stamps.
Here are some cards I created for both teams. Truly, I tried to put them side by side but blogger decided to be extremely uncooperative.




2. What inspires your designs?
Um everything?
Ha! Seriously I'm always plotting out stuff in my head. If my mojo has taken a vacation I will jump on Pinterest and sort through my board for "Cards I super love" I also like to go to the Hero Arts group on Flickr. There is a ton of talented card makers out there and I love the endless pool of inspiration it offers. Of course there is always blog browsing which I do frequently. I always try to visit anyone who leaves me a comment. Often this leads me to treasure troves of talented card makers I may have never seen before which I love! Oh I almost forgot about challenges. I love them. They give you a jumping off point and a way to interact with other card makers. Perfect!
3.What method / process (if applicable) do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?
I pretty much have no streamlined process. It's all chaos, ha! If I'm working on a DT project I usually start with the stamps I want to use. If I'm making for a challenge I start with that theme.  If I'm just making to make I try a technique I haven't tried yet. How long? Oh who knows. Probably at least an hour. Minimum. Since I never go in with an exact plan there is often a lot of time spent making choices or switching plans if something doesn't work. I'd love to say that I make use of everything and never throw anything away but that would be a lie. Sometimes I have quite a bit of time invested and if it isn't coming together I pitch it.
4.If you had to describe your 'signature' style, what would it be?
When I changed my blog design a few years ago I tried to define my style. I came up with "Clean and Simple card making with a little technique and a lot of glitter." this still applies. Frequently, I hear from other card makers "I knew that was your card, it just looks like you." I think it's awesome that my style is so "me" others can pick it out! I'm all about one layer cards. Cards that are clean. But I love getting inky and having fun with different techniques. Anything that sparkles I'm all for :) Bright colors, rainbows, flowers and butterflies. All of that too! Oh and watercolor I'm super digging it lately!
Here are a few of my favorite cards that I've made.
Rainbow Butterflies


5.What three crafting tools/products can you not live without?
I'm going to assume that we are talking about products and tools that aren't staples (i.e. paper, paper cutter, adhesive etc.) My three are easily my scissors, I fussy cut everything!! My distress inks, so many techniques, so little time! and my stardust stickles. My motto is if your project needs something extra put some stickles on it :)

Before I move on to nominating the next round of hoppers I wanted to share a new card that explains exactly how I feel about them and all of you fabulous card makers reading this.

You are amazing. Amazing people. Amazing crafters. Amazing and talented, and kind, and wonderful and I just adore you all :)

Okay now I get to nominate some people.

I am nominating the awesome Wida Miller from Beachorado. She is such a talented crafter and one of the sweetest people I know. Her style is fresh and different but always beautiful.
Here are some of my favorites from her

 Next is a crafter who is new to me. I saw a few of her cards out in blog land and I loved her stuff so much I literally scoured the net trying to find her blog.  She is the fabulous Kate Capper from Just Kate Crafting. Her style is very clean but she does it so well. Her coloring is amazing!

Pink Flowers


You can expect to see Wida and Kate's posts next Monday September 15th so you can get to know all about them too!

If you made it this long God Bless your dedicated little hearts.
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Thanks for your kind words Kelly :)
    Glad you asked me to join in and look forward to stalking you blog lol
    Kate xx

  2. Great reading more about your work Kelly. CAS with Technique,,that's you:)

  3. you know yourself! I love that you have a look, especially when it's so fabulous!! keep singing the Taylor Swift song now and think of you every time!

  4. Wow - the depth of color you achieve is over the top FABULOUS!!! I can only dream of being able to color like that!

  5. It was great getting to know about you Kelly ..I am such a big fan of your work and incidentally its your love for colors that so attracts me most to your creations :).Your cards are always so gorgeous I just love to take time and view each one at least for some time before I leave a comment on it :D

  6. Such an awesome post! I loved to read about you and the cards you make are such beauties. Love the colorful, bright cards you make :)