Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunflowers: Feel Better

  Hello Crafters!
Ready for a new week?
Yeah, me either.
I can't believe it's about to be October. Where did this year go?!
I hate winter.
At work I have a space heater that is basically on year round. As my father affectionately puts it I have no insulation. I'm a freeze baby. Last night at work I didn't have my heater. I froze my butt off. Seriously, I left it there. My jeans will never fit the same again.
You know why I didn't have a heater? Because it caught fire. I know right?! FIRE! I was sitting there all like "What is that smell?" and then one of my guys called on the radio. I'm sitting there writing down driver's license information blissfully unaware. In the middle of this I look down and see that the plug is sparking and smoking and "OMG is that on fire?!"
Now mind you as a Police/Fire/EMS dispatcher you have to be paying rapt attention to the officers on the radio because God forbid something go south and they don't have an opportunity to repeat it. So as this is happening I'M STILL WRITING! As I was running the information into the computer, you know to make sure Tom Jones is Tom Jones and not Tom Jones a.k.a Herion addict drug dealer who WILL NOT go back to jail again, I literally unplugged it with my feet!
 AND that's how you dispatch people!! hahaha!
Seriously though fire hazard much?
Now that we've covered the bizarre happenings at Local PD, USA let's talk about cards.
I saw the current inspiration photo over at Fusion Card Challenge and couldn't wait to play along!
Look at the sunflower! Right up my alley! Whoot Whoot! Any excuse to ink up my Lawn Fawn As Our Friendship Grows!!
Before we get to the card let me first tell you I had some other inspirations going on when I made this card. First: Have you seen this video by Sandy Allnock? The poinsettia she colors is a mini masterpiece. Truly, her coloring is so very fabulous. I really wanted to try to color more realistically. Don't go watch the video until after you see my card though. Sandy Allnock, I am not. :)
Second: I've seen some really awesome card layout lately where people are fussy cutting only the top of their panel. I love the way it looks and wanted to do one of my own. Here are two of my favorites. Jenny's blackberry card is amazing! I love Kate's card. Her use of the sentiment as her outline is truly inspired!
All of this inspiration + copics + some magic dust and BAM! CARD!
Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams
I used the flowers from Lawn Fawn's As Our Friendship Grows. I stamped and masked them until the panel was covered across the top. I used Lemon Yellow and  Lime Green to stamp in.
I then set to work with my copics. I did what Sandy suggested and brought up a picture of a real sunflower to reference.
After I was done coloring I added some white gel pen to the center to give it some highlights. I also added glitter for no other reason than because glitter is pretty. I mounted it with dimensional adhesive on some navy because I thought it offered some nice contrast.

It's no Sandy masterpiece but it's light years ahead of my first attempt at no line coloring. Hoping they just keep getting better :)
I'm sending this to my cousin who just had sinus surgery and got into a car accident. Thank God she wasn't hurt but her car was totaled. I'm hoping this sunny card makes her feel better!
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Pants on fire! ....glad that worked out for you! The no out-line coloring IS a masterpiece...LOVE the white dots :)

  2. Holy cow! What a stunning card, Kelly. This should definitely help your cousin feel better. I would smile hugely for the rest of the day and beyond if I were ever to receive a beauty like this! I must confess to giggling over your space heater issue. Not that you are so cold, but your story telling skills are as tremendous as your coloring skills. :) Hope you are able to warm up in a safe way!

  3. STUNNING!! No one uses bold colors more beautifully than you, Kelly! The depth and dimension you achieved is amazing too! Awesome card!

  4. Oh, this is so gorgeous, Kelly! I love it!

  5. What a beautiful card Kelly. Love those pretty sunflowers. The colors are so striking!

  6. Oh my fabulous!! Loved the coloring and the subtle dimension that u added to the design :) thank you for sharing with Fusion :)

  7. the coloring from the inside of the petals to the outside is just beautiful!! P.S. I am in Cincinnati.

  8. What a fantastic card! It really popped out at me from the gallery! Thanks so much for sharing!! HUGS :)

  9. You totally nailed this technique Kelly Such a stunner :) I guess you work in the right place if you have a fire ...glad you had it covered.
    Kate xx

  10. Jump-out-of-the-gallery-and-grab-me beautiful, Kelly!

  11. What a clever cutting technique ... so perfect for your row of blooms ... so very glad you joined us a Fusion Card Challenge.

  12. OMG!!!!! So gorgeous and so lovely!!

  13. This is an amazing card! Wow, love it. thanks for the link to Sandy's video too.

  14. okay, wow! This is awesome! The colors are so vibrant and FABulous.
    Thanks for joining us at FUSION!!

  15. FABulous colours Kelly, I'm sure your cousin will LOVE it! So glad you joined in the fun @ FUSION, hope to see you again soon :)

  16. Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful card! I love your bright flowers, Kelly!

  17. The Navy atop this, BRILLIANT, who would not immediately be cheered with this card!!! Thanks for joining us at FUSION, so HAPPY you did Yahoo!

  18. This is so stunning - the rich bold colors just stops me dead in my tracks. Gorgeous!

  19. Thud! It's not a Sandy masterpiece, but by George, that sure is a Kelly masterpiece! I think it is so sensational that you already have a recognized style and signature all your own Kelly all across Blogland! I recognize your stunning cards in the galleries now from a mile away. This one really sat me back in my chair! Oh, and thanks for the willies associated with finding out you almost lit that freezing asp of yours on FIRE!!! You are awesome, girl and this card is so winning in my book!! Hugs, Darnell

  20. And so winning in the DT books at Fusion, too!! Yay! Congratulations on the well-deserved HM honors at Fusion, Kelly!! Hugs, Darnell