Saturday, September 13, 2014

Three: Colors was all I could come up with

  Hello crafters!
Enjoying your weekend I hope. I'm an working but for once I don't mind.
Personal side note here: I have worked as a Police/Fire/EMS dispatcher for over ten years. The city I work for has decided to regionalize. We are being fired.  Oh wait, according to the city's attorney it's not fired ,don't say the F word, our positions are being abolished. See, doesn't that sound so much better? Anyway, as of next June we are all out on our unemployed booties.
We saw this coming so I had applied for a state level job back in May.
I just found out I got the position which is wonderful and I am grateful. So grateful but also sad. I have worked here for so long and I truly love it. Now there is such little time left. It just makes me sad.
I read something once that said something like if you won't walk out the door yourself God has no problem shoving you out the window. I'm being shoved out a window here. I'm going to try and embrace it.
On a happier note let's get to the card for today shall we?
Over at CAS-ology the cue card is:
I was super inventive and used three colors to create my card. Yep, that's me really pushing the interpretational boundaries ha! Then my three colors ended up looking like 4 anyway so whatever. I'm just going to show you the card now ;)
Yeah so this card started out as a completely different idea. I colored some white card stock with ripe persimmon, mustard seed, and salty ocean. In order to try to blend the yellow and blue I obviously made green. Then when I cut the die it was very little blue and a whole lotta green. Originally I cut the Hero Art's Renaissance Heart Die out of the colored panel and a white panel with the intention of only using the white outline to do a die cut inlay.
Then something kind of wonderful happened.
I was picking up random pieces and placing them in but they started to build this kind of swirl design inside the heart and I LOVED it!! I decided I had all these white pieces anyway so I'd just go with the swirl and fill in the rest of the heart with the white.
Then I almost ruined the whole thing.
For the sentiment I wanted to stamp directly over the die cutting. The whole time I was like "Oh Lord Jesus please don't let me ruin this card." I stamped it. I picked the block up off the card. I yelled "Whatdidyoudo?!?!"
Seriously bad scene in the craft room. ha! It was all uneven and ugly. Of course it was uneven. I STAMPED ON DIE CUTS! Fortunately, I was able to use a black pen to fill it in and salvage it. Oh yeah, the sentiment is from Messages with Flourish I just didn't ink the pretty flourish part. I added two strips of black, some enamel dots, and of course I stickled the colored die cuts :) The card survived. Praise the Lord :)
Thanks for suffering through this long random post (ha!) and for stopping by!!


  1. I LOOOOVE this! I also love reading about your process/struggle, as I thought I was the only one that shared all that. :D And nice fussy work putting all those pieces back in!

  2. Kelly, this is amazing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the inlaid watercolor swirl! Your story about stamping the sentiment is sooo funny! Girl, I have BEEN there, but I usually end up chucking the card... good for you for not giving up on this beauty! Your faith and perseverance paid off! :)

  3. Oh Kelly i shouldn't laugh but do the same almost finish thing think ive really stuffed up ..end result is perfect anyhow so all is good :)
    Beautiful card.
    Kate xx

  4. This is really a lovely card! The coloured swirl is perfect, I'm so glad you put the white pieces back in.

  5. You created a beauty, Kelly, even with the colors blending and the sentiment being uneven. I love this die and the way you "found" the swirl in the design.

    Regarding your job situation: Fifteen years ago, the position I had held for eleven years was "eliminated", due to a restructuring in the company. I was given no notice; just called to a meeting with my boss and given the news. In my book, I was, indeed, fired. This was a huge shock to me and took some time to recover. I did find employment almost immediately, but it was very traumatizing to lose a job I loved. There were three other people in this organization that were given the same news at the same time I was. Life isn't fair, but I do believe that God is in control of it all, so it is best just to give these things over to him!!! Good luck with your new job!

  6. Great save on the card!
    God does use those windows for our own good. Just keep trusting in Him:)

  7. No matter how many colors you used here, this card is absolutely gorgeous, Kelly! It jumped right out at me in the gallery, and I LOVE it! I also love how you added a touch of sparkle, and your sentiment is perfect! Great save, for sure!

  8. Kelly, if I had a dollar for every time I had a scene like that happen with my card making, I'd be a very rich woman! We can all relate! The important thing is that you just let this design HAPPEN and, wow, is it ever fabulous!! BTW, I only see three primary colors. What they do with each other is their own business!

    I'm sorry that you are going to be experiencing an involuntary job change. No one likes those and it's natural to be apprehensive and, of course, sad that a huge satisfying chapter is coming to a close in the Book of Your Life. OTOH, how wonderful that you were able to get another job! I pray the transition is a smooth, exciting, happy, and successful one for you!! Hugs, Darnell

  9. This is absolutely beautiful, Kelly!
    Praying for a smooth transition in your work situation. Hugs!

  10. This is a CAS stunner Kelly! Where I work they don't use the "F" word either...they call it "excess to needs." I hope your work situation gets ironed out. I'm thinking good thoughts for you! So glad you joined us at CASology this week!

  11. I love how your card morphed into this stunner, Kelly! The coloured swirls, the sparkle, the dots - it's all fabulous! And I've so been there with the, "Please don't let my next move destroy everything" feeling! Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!
    I'm glad that you've found a new job but I'm sorry to hear you're having to leave one that you love. I may be following in your footsteps. They've cut a lot of hours at my job and are hinting that more cut are to come.

  12. WOW. Such a complete stunner!!!! Me... Well, I have a thumb that mysteriously gets ink on it somehow, then, ink appears on the corner of my card... Almost every other card I have to trim it down and then put it on another cardstock base... Uhhhh. . Well art is a process, right??!!

    Okay, now on to your loveliness!!! Just amazing, such a great design!!..if you haven't already.. Might want to check out Freshly Made Sketches.. I think this fits..totally awesome!!

  13. And thanks so much for joining us at CASology!!

  14. Kelly! All I can say is WOW!!! Your card is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us at CASology. May

  15. ALL you could come up with???? HA!! GORGEOUS!