Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy World Cardmaking Day!!

  Hello Crafters!!
This week has been super busy. Let me tell you all about it . . . .
My husband and I are trying to decide if we should buy a new truck, a used truck, or fix the one we have. Everyday crap problems. Unfortunately, it did mean taking time this week to  go truck shopping and see what our payments would be. It also meant haggling with truck salesman about price, trade in value, warranties zzzzzzzz. . . it's so boring I'm falling asleep typing it.
Let's move on . . .
My dear sweet son woke up this morning. We had the diaper change fight. You know what I'm talking about right? The "I've pooped but I want to grab the side of this changing table and turn into all sorts of positions that even professional contortionists can't achieve while you hold me feet and *try* to fold up that poopy diaper to keep me from sticking my hands or pants into it." fight. Yeah it's such fun. After that it was breakfast time.
I decided to make fluffy banana blueberry pancakes. I found the recipe on Pinterest and starting pulling out ingredients. In the truck shopping extravaganza that occurred this week apparently neither one of us noticed that our milk expired TWO DAYS AGO!! At 8:00am I load up my kid in his firemen pajamas and no shoes to go to the gas station.  If you have kids you know how this went. I go just as I am. It's the GAS STATION. I'm rocking dirty hair, pinned back bangs and a bed head side pony. This compliments my saggy bottom sweatpants and Tiffin University sweatshirt beautifully. Oh, I almost forgot the foot gear. Hard soled slippers, with fur trim.  You know the shoes can make or break an outfit.
Five minutes to get us all loaded up in the car. Drive to gas station. Unstrap, fight over the blanket, lose pacifier, find pacifier. Go in the store. Fight off your one year old who is trying to paw, steal or knock off everything that is currently on the shelf while you look for the longest expiration date. Find said expiration date. Thank Jesus. Go to check out. Balance one gallon of milk with one 25lb squirming one year old who wants to touch everything.  Silently curse the scanner for not working. After four times you are screaming inside your head for the clerk to just TYPE IT IN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Restrap, fight over blanket, lose pacifier, find pacifier. Drive home.
Worst part?
Those pancakes weren't even good. Fluffy?! pfft. As fluffy as notebook paper. Whatever.  
Today my card reflects my attitude. It was a sucky morning but my little one was wonderful all afternoon and it wasn't raining or snowing when we had to go out so there was a silver lining.
Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I stamped and masked the butterfly from Hero Arts Butterfly and Flower set until my whole card was covered. I colored with copics. I wanted the card to fit the sentiment (which is from Hero Arts set You're A Rainbow.) so I colored from bottom to top. On the bottom I used only cool grays (C3, C5, C7). For the middle butterflies I blended the grays with the rainbow colors. Last the top, or brightest portion of the card, is just those gorgeous rainbow colors! Outline all images in a black pen and add detail with a white pen.
When I was done my card was busy. So I went looking for reinforcements . . . insert crafty friend here . . .after picking their brains they assured me that even though I feel like I do the same thing with busy backgrounds all the time if it's not broke don't fix it. So I didn't.
A simple V cut on some white cardstock added with dimensional adhesive.  

Before I go (this post is long enough right?!) A2ZScrapbooking is having a sale in honor of World Cardmaking Day. You can use the code WCMDSALE for 20% off your purchase of $25.00 of more. Happy shopping!

Also over on the A2ZScrapbooking blog there will be a few challenges posted that you can play along with for a chance to earn a $20.00 gift card to the store. I'll be back later (with much shorter posts) to share my cards for those challenges!
I'm adding my card to the Paper Crafts Blog Tour where they are celebrating too!
Happy World Cardmaking Day! I hope it helps you keep your sanity because it does for me :)
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Wow! Just beautiful colouring and use of colours! Love it!

  2. Such a cool and colourful design!

  3. So sorry you had such a rough week. I must admit to giggling again over your storytelling skills. :) Okay, if this beauty is what you create when you are feeling snarky all the time! Because, WOW this is amazing! Wish I had skills like that! Hope you get to create lots today. :)

  4. WOWZA! I love how you've cut the background and it's STUNNING!

  5. Glad you had a better afternoon:)
    DASHINGLY Bright card!

  6. Firstly, I have to tell you how much I LOVE this card!!! The bold colors with your gray blending is so professional looking! I also love how you outlined each butterfly and added white details...WOW! And, of course your "V" angle just takes this card right over the top! I would love to CASE this sometime, if that's ok with you?
    I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your trials and tribulations from this week, and morning! You write so well, that I feel as if I'm there with you :) Thank heaven those diaper changing days are behind me, but it was fun to read!
    Hope you're having a really great day!!!

  7. HOLY SHIT GIRL! That is one fab card! I am SOOOOO glad you chose to cut it instead of cover it with Vellum. You are a wise girl! ;) As for the story telling...OMG! Why? Why? Why??? does the pacifier get lost EVERY SINGLE TIME they get in or out of that car seat??? I so remember that. You definitely need to get one of those clip things. It was a life saver...well at least until he learns to unclip it from himself. hahaha! Some times I miss having little ones...then I talk to you and remember....hang in there love. It gets so much easier. lol

  8. I know exactly how you feel!! Lately the girls are fighting me getting their clothes changed and it does my head in! Fun times! LOL. Anyway if I haven't said this before, let me tell you, your colouring always amazes me hun! Absolutely STUNNING card!! Happy WCMD to you :) xx

  9. So gorgeous, Kelly! You are becoming the white dot queen! And your card so reflects your milk shopping adventure! Despite everything, you cranked out such a beauty!

  10. The bright side is YOUR BLOG!!! Love the color, the beauty, the passion, and absolute sheer talent that goes on over here!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you for being an inspiration and for being a BRIGHT blog for me to visit!! This card is breathtakingly beautiful!!

  11. Fabulous coloring and a cool design! Happy WCMD!

  12. Absolutely amazing!!! You can pop this one in the mail for me! ;)