Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturated Canary: Let's talk coloring

 Hello Crafters!

As I old you yesterday I went in to work to go on a ride along with some of my officers. It was such fun! I'm going to tell you all about it and then some of you are going to be like that's not fun at all. I assure you it is :)

First let's kick this off with a photo

I'm on the left and my Sergeant is on the right. Sexy bulletproof vest I know ;) 

The first part of the night we made some traffic stops. I got to tow a car for driving under suspension but the real fun started on night shift. Because Night shift is the best shift!
I was riding with, let's call him Officer Smith. Officer Smith is known for his quick wit and sarcasm when he is irritated. This is EXACTLY why I wanted to ride with him. 

It's 12:30am. One officer calls in  he is being waved to and honked at. He's stopping the car. We get a call that there is a driver passed out behind the wheel at a traffic light. We are en route. On our way a second call comes in. Male on 911 reporting he is being followed by two trucks driven by guys who threatened to kill him. We get to the first call and there is no car at the light so we go busting you know what over to the second call. After speaking with the males and the caller it is determined they were following him to stop him from driving because he is drunk. Hello Mr. DUI. Lovely to see you. In the meantime remember Mr. Honking and Waving? Yeah, he's driving drunk too!
Simultaneous DUIs! and they both contacted the police themselves. What?!

We house our prisoners at an outside facility. All of us plus drunk one and two head out there. Drunk one repeatedly asks the same questions over and over and over . . .ever have a conversation with a drunk person? Then you know what I'm saying. My ride along officer Officer Smith finally reaches his limit. The snark comes out. Drunk one yells "Jesus Christ" at Officer Smith. Smith's response? "No, Officer Smith. but I get that a lot." Haha!

The second drunk full on ugly cries for 25 minutes. I'm talking snot running down his face, drooling on the floor crying. Then promptly stops and yells "I have to poop!" "I have to poop" "This is going to happen!"  and then he pees all over himself. 

Yeah. It was THAT kind of night. There was a bunch more but I'll spare you every detail. Suffice it to say I'm glad I went :)

Now that I have regaled you with stories of glorious real life police work let's talk coloring..

I recently purchased some fabulous images from Saturated Canary. Oh my goodness, their images are FABulous!! I decided to color Princess Rose Red last night. I was curious how different the image would look colored in watercolor vs. copics. So I did both :)

First up watercoloring:

I used distress inks and a paintbrush. I feel like I have more control that way. I printed her out directly onto watercolor paper and went to work. Let me warn you though, if you do this your printer ink may bleed. Mine does. One of the wonderful things about watercoloring is if you make a mistake you can absorb the water and the pigment with it erasing your mistake. I apply the same rule to the bleeding ink. Let me show you . . .

See how gray that tree is? My ink is bleeding like crazy. Just dab it with a dry cloth and suck the water up. Then it will look like this

Still a little gray but it didn't effect any of my other shades. Even her skin which is the lightest shades I used. 

Now Copics . . .

I tried to use colors similar to the watercolor shades I used. It's definitely much bolder but I don't know if it's "better." I think it just depends on the look you're going for although the copic coloring is much faster. MUCH FASTER. But I think it's kind of relaxing to water color. I might be a weirdo :)

Which look do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping in!
Happy Sunday!!



  1. Thanks for the stories. I giggle a lot when I read your blog. That may be why I keep coming back. That and your coloring. I enjoy that as well. Thanks for the ride along stories and the side by side of watercolors and Copics. Very entertaining and enlightening!

  2. I like them both, but the Copic one is definitely more vibrant.

  3. You look so cute! I love the watercolor look one.

  4. Awesome pic and story!! Your coloring ROCKS!!!

  5. the watercolor one is my fave! Sounds like you had a very interesting "night shift"!

  6. That was so interesting reading about your ride along! Are you a cop? I also can't believe you have only been doing this craft for 3 years! You are so talented - love your water coloring too!

  7. Look at you in your bullet-proof vest, so cute! ;-) Great stories. You had me giggling. Great cards. I like the watercoloured version better because of the softer colour. I do love watercolour, but I often get frustrated at the time it takes. Then again, I find watercolour more forgiving than Copics.

  8. Great story -- sounds like an interesting evening!

  9. Kelly, you colour beautifully! Both are amazing, but since I'm addicted to watercolouring I liked that one just a bit more! I can say that if you're weirdo relaxing with watercolours, so am I! That's the place where I go after "chilling with kids" the whole day..

  10. Wow what an interesting story and insight into DUI hahaha!! Your card is beauty! fab coloring

  11. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your stories with us!! I am just amazed and super excited about your coloring skills!! WOW!!! I found the watercolor one to be my favorite because it is softer!! But - how awesome are you that you can use both mediums and produce such gorgeous results!! Love your work!! Have an amazing day!!