Monday, November 17, 2014

CASEing Genius: Katie Gehring


Hello Crafters!
It's Monday and time for another fabulous genius!

I give you the sweet, wonderful, amazingly talented . . . .

Katie, Katie, Katie. What can I tell you about Katie? Well, I actually know Katie in real life. She lives relatively close to me and hosts a crop at her church once a month for all of us to get together. Katie gets there early to set up. Katie stays late to clean up. Basically, Katie is selfless. She is sweet and kind, constantly supportive. She is my sentiment guru :) Whenever I don't know where to put my sentiment, because pre-planning is far too much effort, she always saves me with the perfect placement. Now talent, Katie's got loads and loads. She does puny adorable and then turns around with elegant florals. You'll see what I mean shortly. She just has this fabulous eye for design that I love. I do hope you'll go visit her blog, Stamping Lightly, and leave some love. 


1. Who are you and where do you live?
My name is Katie Gehring.  I am wife to Jason and mom to Paige and Sophie.  We live on almost 2 acres in Bath, Ohio with our four cats and lots and lots of antique automobiles. 

2. How would you describe your style?
This is a tough question because I think that others can most objectively identify one’s style, but if I had to put a label on it, I would say that it is Clean and Simple- with sprinkle of Kitsch and a healthy side of Cute. 

3.  Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
This question made me LOL because I am working with huge fall releases from Avery Elle and Waffle Flower Crafts, plus a little Paper Smooches too, and I feel like I have stamps coming out of my ears right now!  That coupled with my desire to maintain supplies simply and not have a big stash of stuff that sits around unused, I don’t have a lot of product crushes right now.  
Once my desire to acquire returns, and I am sure it will, there are so many awesome stamp sets out there, but for now, I wouldn’t mind getting the mini Distress ink cubes in ALL THE COLORS and some of those darling storage tins.  

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
My first crafty purchase was the corner rounder from Creative Memories circa 2001.  I still have it too!  Sadly, I am not sure that it’s available any longer, so I don’t think I could purchase it again. 

Fun Stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song
I LOVE music and have many, many favorite songs of the moment. Recently, I have been jamming to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, This is How We Do by Katy Perry, and for a change of pace, Human by Christina Perri  

6. Who would play you in a movie? 
Gosh this is a tough question.  Though she is much younger than me, and she’s British, I would love Emma Watson to play me in a movie.  

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess?
When I was younger, I had a keen interest in Opera/Musical Theater and even thought that I might study music at college.  Practicality took over and I ended up with an undergrad in Criminology, minor in Women’s Studies and a master’s in Higher Education/ Student Affairs Administration, go figure.  Anyway, I practiced my opera and show tune music so much, that most of my songs that were once in my repertoire are committed to memory.  Occasionally, I have been know to break out into bits of song or an aria (while crafting) much to the delight of my family and crafty friends. :) 

Here is some eye candy for you via Katie

This is so KATIE! How can you not smile with that sentiment and those bright colors?!

Seriously, this looks like something you could buy right off the shelf. Beautiful floral arrangement in an array of fantastic colors. 

Such fun! I love how she stamped her pattern in fun colors and then set the frame off kilter. It adds to the playfulness for sure!!


Katie's is kind of partial to a green/blue/pink/orange combo. I love it I embraced that. I think her layering is fantastic. I always crazy love framing things in so Katie's tendency to do that is right up my alley. You know I love me some flowers so I definitely had to include those. Last but not least I really loved the idea of a pattern panel :)

I decided to go with a one layer card. Because A. I love them and B. My Cuttlebug went to heaven this weekend. It was sad. He'll be replaced shortly. Anyway. I used all Winnie and Walter on this card. I stamped banner and masked it. I masked the edges then stamped and masked all the flowers and leaves. Yes it's a bit of work. Yes, It's totally worth it. I colored with my copics then outlined everything with a copic multiliner. I also added white highlights and stardust stickles. I wanted the large "hello" to stand out against my busy background so I didn't outline the flowers directly behind it. I also added a white drop shadow to really make it pop. 
A bit of advice . . .Frame your square before you color. My edges were super messy. 

That's it for me! I hope you loved learning more about Katie and don't forget to go visit her blog for more inspiration!!

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Seriously Kelly, this is stunning! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card! With all the depth you added with the coloring and masking, I can't believe it's a one layer card! Thanks for your kind words and for inviting me to participate! :)

  2. So nice to get to know a "new-to-me" crafter! Love Katie's cards - she has a delightful style! And your card is absolutely gorgeous, Kelly! ♥

  3. That was an engaging and interesting interview of Katie! Well done, Kelly, and super well done with CASEing her!! Your card is brilliant, as ever!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Really fun to read up on Katie - I considered music, too, going to college! Always love her cards! WOW, Kelly, your card is dynamite! Saturated with beautiful color and a fantastic design! Bravo!

  5. Another great interview, Kelly! I can see why you admire Katie as a person and artist...her style is so bright and fun...just like yours!
    I LOVE your card! I'm in awe of your patience with all that masking, and your Copic coloring is just amazing, as always! Loving all of your details with outlining and highlighting too, and adding a touch of sparkle with Stickles is sheer perfection!
    Thanks so much for sharing another fabulous interview and for sharing the details of your beautiful card!

  6. Fabulous post, Kelly! I love Katie's cards & interview, as well as your CASE of her cards! Such a fun blog feature!

  7. Well, how fun it was to meet Katie and I am looking forward to visiting her blog!! How impressed I was with her humor and her love of cute and color!! I am so excited to meet another crafter in this big old world!!! And as for this amazing card - that I am in awe of the time you take to create these works of art - I will agree - totally worth every minute that TALENTED you takes to make a card!! Every thing you make just sings this happy song "Kelly made me, aren't I lucky!!!!" So this one is definitely singing at the top of its lungs!!! Well done - love your attention to detail - you are flawless and one to be admired, totally!!!

  8. I'm always looking forward to Mondays and these blog posts, it is fun to read about other crafters but your takes on their cards are as amazing! I've said this before, but you are just the grand master using bold colors but still make them look elegant! Great card!

  9. Wow, Kathy and Kelly you both are so talented! So nice to see how we all inspire each other via the internet... Awesome cards!!

  10. It was great to meet Katie and see her terrific talents. Then you go and blow me away with your card! A-maze-ing! You are chock full of talent yourself there, girlie! Wow!

  11. Awesome ! So good to know the fellow crafters better, Katie is fabulous and ur card as always is gorgeous :)

  12. Wow! Love your take on this. Super fabulous!

  13. You know I LOVE to sing while making cards and commenting!...opera style:),.. just not sure my family enjoys it:) but when card magic is happening you GOTTA sing!!
    Great getting to know Katie better. and Kelly, your card is FAB-U-LOUS!!

  14. Katie´s Card all are cute and sweet colors she has
    and your card OH MY GHOSSSS... it is wonderful in german we said Wunderbar..
    Kelly this is another adorable card..luv luv luv are so good with flowers image dear...