Monday, November 3, 2014

CASEing Genius: Michelle Lupton

It's time to introduce you to our next genius!! Whoop Whoop!

The lovely, talented, amazing . . . .

Michelle is such a warm wonderful crafter. She leaves such sweet comments and is always encouraging others. She and I share also share a mutual love for rainbows, you know, that automatically make me love her :) Her creations are always so happy and fun. Plus, she totally rocked the ALS ice bucket challenge when I nominated her even though it was in the middle of winter hahaha!  You can see more Michelle at her blog, Handmade by Michelle. I do hope you'll go visit. You'll leave with a smile, I promise! 


1. Who are you and where do you live?
Hi!  I'm Michelle, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. 

2. How would you describe your style?
My style is CAS, sometimes colourful, sometimes elegant, with meanderings into whatever style takes my fancy at the time.

3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
Stencils. Love 'em.   

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
I still have the first stamp I ever bought - I used it just a couple of weeks ago in a post for Addicted to CAS.  It is a teddy bear stamp, and I probably would buy it again.  I've done lots of other crafts other than cardmaking, though (such as bead jewellery making, sewing toys, folk painting, longstitch), so that was not my first crafty purchase - I really can't remember what my very first purchase was! 

Fun stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song?
I'm in a choir, so some of my favourites are ones I've sung with my choir - a particular favourite is "In this Heart" by Sinead O'Connor, which we sang with the Australian Jazz a capella group, The Idea of North. Not a current song, just a current favourite of mine. 

6. Who would play you in a movie?
Geez, that's a difficult one! It really depends on what kind of movie it was - maybe Melissa McCarthy? (I don't know if she can do a convincing Aussie accent, though!)

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess?
I really have no idea - I think I'm an open book!! OK, here's one - I was my primary school hula hoop champion ;) 

A variety of crafts, singing, AND hula hooping. Stop. It. Too much awesome. 

Here are Michelle's fabulous cards

I loved the glittery clouds framed by the light blue. That sweet little umbrella is too cute!!

Water color?! Rainbow?! I'm in love. The end. 

Such gorgeous rays of color! The sentiment completing the circle is just brilliant!

The CASE: 

For my CASE I took a little from each card. I adored those clouds from the first card. The second one was such beautiful water coloring. I love how she left the bottom corner white. The last card The multi-colored rays were just too fabulous to pass up. All three of her cards use a black sentiment, which, I happen to adore with brightly colored cards. 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I stamped and masked some large clouds from Paper Smooches Spectrum set. I heat set them in white on water color paper. I used Peerless water colors (Thanks Joan!) to create the rainbow colored sky. I love how vivid it is!! I also added a bit of light blue to the clouds. To recreate Michelle's rays I used a ruler and my white gel pen to draw them in once my paper was dry. I trimmed the panel down and stamped my sentiment from Paper Smooches Sentiment Sampler in black. It just POPS!! I wanted to tie in the black so I mounted my panel with dimensional adhesive onto a black panel and then onto my white card base. I couldn't possibly CASE Michelle without adding a smidge of glitter so I dotted it into the clouds and along the rays. 

Since Paper Smooches is rocking the Anything Goes challenge this week. I'm entering this bad boy into it :)

Thanks so much for visiting! 
I hope you were inspired by Michelle's projects. I know I always am!! Don't forget to go visit her at Handmade by Michelle



  1. What a lovely rainbow card, Kelly! Great choice of Michelle this week!

  2. Another fab designer! Love Michelle's work! Her cards are so bright and happy! And wow! Your card is amazing, Kelly! Gorgeous rainbow of colors! ♥

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    Your card is RAINBOW LICIOUS Kelly!

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    Jaw. Droppingly. Awesome.

    Thanks so much for letting me play!! Can I CASE your card now, please? (Coz I'm going to!!)

  7. FABULOUS cards by Michelle & SUPER CASE Kelly!

  8. Wonderful card kelly. Love your colours

  9. Another great interview, Kelly! Michelle really is a talented girl, and I love the cards you chose as your inspiration! Your CASE is FABULOUS!!! I love the beautiful rainbow of colors and how you added sparkle to this card!
    Thanks so much for the link to Michelle's blog...I'm off to check out more of her eye candy :)

  10. Michelle Lupton !!:) The name I see on Fusion and ATCAS .. So nice to know you better Michelle.
    Thanks Kelly for the lovely interview.
    I totally love the rainbow cards :) Kelly awesome CASEing :D

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  17. I love your NEW blog Kelly and just found out about it today, over at CTS! I am also thrilled to see Michelle featured as she's a dear crafty friend, who I greatly admire and also follow! I love wonderful card making talents! Great post and again -- Congrats on being the Guest Designer at CTS! WOOHOO!

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  21. AMAZING!!! What an honor to get to meet Michelle and see her unique talents with color and style!! She impressed me so very much!! What a true delight to see your cased card - Wow, talk about a heart-lifter!! A ray of sunshine - color and beauty in a world that is rather gloomy for me just now!! That is what you do with your art and amazing, creative style is bring smiles to the lives of others - Keep on shining and Keep on creating your masterpieces!!!

  22. Your first image and last image both are spectacular, amazing. I also create colorful art pieces for my kids. But now a days kids play toys for boys and enjoy.