Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy First Birthday Alexa!!

 Hello Crafters!

Today I'm off to visit my best friend and celebrate my Goddaughter Alexa's first birthday!! In any baby's life the first birthday is always special. For Alexa is extra special. Let's have a story shall we? It comes with pictures and everything. 

Here is Alexa on the day she was born

Let me give you some perspective. That's my hand. The  tip of my index finger filled her entire palm. 

My best friend never though she could have kids so when she found out she was pregnant she was beyond happy. She was ecstatic. During her entire pregnancy Alexa measured a little under but nothing to be concerned about. At 30 weeks she went in for a routine check up and found that Alexa was measuring further behind. They sent her for an ultrasound and discovered she had low amniotic fluid. The doctor sent her up to be admitted. They wanted to give her steroids to help Alexa's lungs develop. She received the first dose of steroids. 
They wanted to do a stress test where they induced a contraction. If Alexa could handle the force of he contraction she could deliver naturally. If not it would be an emergency c-section. While we were having this conversation Alexa's heart rate started dropping. There wasn't enough time for the second dose of steroids.  Emergency c-section it was. 
Thankfully, she came out a 1lb 7oz little fighter. 
She had to stay in the hospital for 3 months and then she was quarantined to the house for 3 more. Her first stop once she broke out of jail was my house. 

She is still a little behind in the development stages but we are hoping as she gets older the gaps will close until she is exactly where her peers are. But if not it's okay she still a miracle from God and loved so very much. 

Here she is celebrating the morning of her birthday. 

Ahh! Look at that face :) Miracles happen people. Every. Single. Day. You're looking at one. God is good. 

Her birthday party theme is cute as a button and of course I had to incorporate that into her card! 

I drew a one andthen trimmed it out with my exacto knife. I added buttons onto my cardbase with glue dots. I wanted them to look full but didn't want to thread all those little guys. I drew the white line on with my gel pen and then filled the holes with stardust stickles. I think it came out pretty good. The "one" panel was attached with dimensional adhesive. The rest is just stamping, fussy cutting and copic coloring. Plenty of stickles on this bad boy too :)

Thanks for visiting! 
I haven't had a minute to get out and visit blogland in the past few days but please know if you leave me a comment I ALWAYS come visit you and leave some love. It just might take a few days! 



  1. That little one is a strong girl!!! Happy Bornday to your Goddaughter, Miss Lady!! Super cute card too!! Hope all is well.......

  2. Awesome creativity!
    Love this and thanks for sharing the story!

  3. Yes, God is good! Enjoy the celebration!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing Alexa's story with DARLING she is, too!!!
    I really love all the details on this card, Kelly! Your buttons are so cute, and I love how they sparkle just like your beautiful cupcake! How lucky is Alexa to have you for her! Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Aw she is so cute and so glad she is doing so well. Your card is just fabulous and is definitely cute as a button.
    Kate xx

  6. Aww, the party theme is perfect! Alexa really is as cute as a button! Great story and great card, Kelly!

  7. What a great story and KUDOS to Alexa for fighting like the girl she is! :) Love your card -- what company is the "happy birthday" from please?

  8. Aww!! Your Goddaughter looks just adorable:) And your story brought tears to my eyes.. Alexa truly is a miracle:)..Your card is just gorgeous and am sure it will be treasured by your god daughter !!

  9. oh she was so little... and see her now! Such an adorable little girl!!! You made her an awesome card, and she deserves it!

  10. Wonderful story! Those little fighters... They are awesome, aren't they? Congrats for Alexa! Love your card as well! The coloring on your cupcake is phenomenal! It totally looks 3-dimensional! How on earth did you do that!?!

  11. Yes, indeed, miracles happen every day. What a fighter! She'll be one to look out for as she gets older ;-) I am completely blown away by your colouring of the cupcake/balloon images - fantastic!

  12. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing the sweet miracle. That fact! So precious. That card, absolutely fabulous. Have a wonderful time celebrating this sweet little girl. :)

  13. Such a beautiful story with a happy ending! That darling girl will love your card!

  14. She's ADORABLE Kelly and your card is too. My oldest was a premie and I think those milestones were much more precious because of it. So glad things are going well for your God Daughter:)

  15. An amazing card for an amazing little girl!!!

  16. What a sweet miracle and adorable one year old!! What a fitting card you made for this awesome occasion!! So impressed with the diligent way you make cards for specific people!! I think you are amazing and incredible!!