Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long Time, No See

 Hello Crafters!

First, Thank you. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 
My heart is bursting with gratitude for those of you who still stop by here to see me even though I haven't posted in ages. For the cards I've received and sweet comments. You're all just wonderful amazing people. 

So where in the . . . .have I been?! 

Sounds glamorous eh? 



It's okay. It didn't feel glamorous either. Let's forget it ever happened. 

Long story short. When I switched jobs my boss called and asked if I would be willing to fill in part time. I am a glutton for punishment so I say yes. I worked between 60-80 each week while I tried to pretend there was time to see my son or husband. 

Then . . .

My old boss offers me a full time job after the transition into regional dispatch working in the detective bureau. Yay! I quit the new job and go back to the old one working weird hours until August when the new one starts. It's the same money I was making when I worked two jobs. It's no holidays. Thank you Jesus. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. I am grateful for my experience at the new job and I am grateful not to have to work like a dog. 

I miss you guys. I miss crafting and blogging. I'm trying to get back. 

In the meantime I made a card. 

Seriously, your jaw hitting the keyboard vibrated my laptop all the way over here. 
I know it's shocking but . . .Kathy Racoosin is having a 30 color challenge and I love Kathy. She's my people that one. I hope you head over and check it out. :)

Ready . . . .set . . . .Card!

I'm also sharing this card over at the A2ZScrapbooking Blog today. If you'd like all the sordid details you can head over and see them here

Thanks for hanging with me guys!
You're super awesome :)



  1. Whooo hoooo! It's good to "see" you again, Kelly! Wow, sounds like you have been through the wringer with your job(s)! I hope everything is working out to your benefit. I was thrilled to see that you posted. :D Because I've heard of this color challenge and immediately thought of you and your fab coloring skills when I did. See, I wasn't wrong was I? This card looks amazing! I love the colors you chose. I read up a bit on how you did it and I don't really get it on first reading (it's too early in the morning right now) so I'm going to nod sagely, say uh, huh and grin widely because I'm happy to see you! :) Have a terrific and hopefully non stressful day!

  2. YAY! So nice to see you again! :) Sure sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy! Happy to hear work is finally working out for you. ;) I just love your card! It it so sweet and happy! Have a great week, Kelly!

  3. Soooo good to see a post from you, Kelly! I almost called you the other night - glad I didn't - you obviously would have been way too busy! I'm happy to hear your hours will be more normal now. Love your awesome card and I'm really looking forward to giving you a hug soon! ♥

  4. So glad you are well and your family too! It's sad how I feared the worst. But it all sounds good:) You are a trooper!! ... love that " pass the ammunition" part;)
    And your colored card is like a spring breeze, refreshing!

  5. Good to see you back, Kelly! I've really missed your amazing work. Sweet card! Love the vibrant colours!

  6. I'm so happy to see you're back! It's wonderful to hear that your job (rather than jobs) is a great fit for you! I totally understand how it goes, I was gone for a year and a half! This card brought a smile to my face! Your coloring is excellent and your background is perfect with it!

  7. I was starting to worry too! Glad your semi-back and you came back with a wonderful card! Good luck on your new and old job....lol!

  8. I wondered why I hadn't seen you in my in box lately. Don't let it get you down. You will be back to normal (what ever that is) in no time at all. They can't make you work forever. You gotta sleep uh uh craft sometime..

  9. Sure have missed your amazing creations -- glad you found time to make this adorable card! Your coloring is over the top fabulous :) Congrats on the new old job!

  10. So good to see you Kelly! And with such a beautiful design!

  11. Your time away certainly hasn't affected your amazing card-making & colouring skills - this one is a doozy! Super CAS cuteness!

  12. Congratulations on your cool old/new job! Can't believe you also had the time to make this awesome card! Love it!!!!

  13. so happy to see you around again! congrats on all of the positive changes that are happening for you. hope to see you creating more again!

  14. Seriously cute card and wonderful colouring :) How did you make the background?
    Kate xx

  15. So glad you're back, Kelly! That sounds like you were living a crazy life -- glad it's worked out for you!
    Your card is super cute!

  16. Oh Kelly, I'm so happy to see you back in blogland! I've missed you so much, and I hope all is well! This is such a darling card! I love how you colored the critters and your details are fabulous, as always!

    I hope everything settles in with your new job so you don't have to work so much once August gets here...welcome back!!!

  17. Kelly - I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you are doing well!! I was worried about you and I missed you and your BEAUTIFUL creations!! So welcome back - and you didn't miss a beat - This card of yours is just a showcase of the amazing gifts of yours that we have missed!!! Love the color and the details that you have added that really make those images come to life!!! Awesomely done and Hugs to you!!!