Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Making A Scene

  Hello crafters!
I've been running around a bit crazy lately. I'm heading out for some crafting with friends this weekend and I'm working right up until the last day. Ahh!
It's okay though because these crafty get aways refill my soul. There is something about being surrounded by women who really get you, and get what you love. I'm sure you have experienced the same "Oh. You make cards . . .like glue and construction paper right?' conversations. Yep, construction paper and glue, pretty much sums it up.
Anywho, I'm going to try and get some things scheduled for when I'm away. I'm going to be honest, I have packed nothing. Not. One. Single. Thing. Yes, I've known about this trip for months. Don't judge me.
Between laundry, husband kissing, baby snuggling, packing, and whatever else crops up in the next 24 hours getting posts scheduled may or may not happen.
However I do have a card to share with you today so let's just concentrate on that shall we? Glass half full and all that jazz.
I created this little cutie with Hero Arts Playful Animals. Isn't that piggy just so stinking cute. Stinking cute . .hehe . . .see what I did there?
I drew in his little farm with some copics and a ruler. You can see all the details on the A2ZScrapbooking blog.
Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Wow, what a great little scene..I LOVE anything to do with farms and this is just too stinkin cute. And that piggy is precious! I'm a last minute packer too, no judgement here!

  2. Just getting ready to head to the airport but had to stop by and tell you ow much I love this, Kelly!! See ya in a couple days - can't WAIT!!! ♥

  3. Wonderful, Kelly! I just love when you draw free hand. The little piggy is so cute!

  4. Had a good giggle, "stinking cute" Ha! What a wonderful scene you created for him, he looks super happy there! As long as you pack your crafty things, who cares about the rest!

  5. Awesome drawing and coloring!!

  6. This is fabulous Kelly! I love your colouring!

  7. Gawd, you make me laugh with your posts! Construction paper and glue ... hahaha! Yep, that's how we put cards together :-)
    Your lovely farm scene card is anything BUT construction paper and glue!!!
    Such a gorgeously coloured farm scene, right down to the hay!
    Enjoy your weekend with gal pals. I always enjoy weekends away with my cardmaking friends as it always refills my creative gas tank.

  8. Such a clever and fun design, Kelly! I LOVE your 'Piggy' to pieces. and your scene is amazing! I hope you have a really great time this certainly deserve it!

  9. All kinds of awesomeness here! Have a fabulous time with you gal pals! No judgement here. At all. I love your coloring skills. Now I can add your skills in building a background scene to what I admire about your talents. Fabulous! Construction paper and glue, snort. Although you for sure could make those look amazing, too. :)

  10. Eeekkk!!! This is SO CUTE Kelly!!! I busted up laughing seeing this adorable pig!
    Nina-Marie :)

  11. Can you see the mega-watt smile I have on my face? No, how about if I move the laptop screen closer to my face, ANYTHING??? Oh, well, the huge smile is there, believe me!! And you are responsible for putting it there with this phenomenally cute and very cool card you have made!!! Love it and yes, I get you!!! Wish there were some more people close by me who GOT ME - seems all those who get me I know on-line!! Someday, right?!?!? Super great and amazing job on this card!!