Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thinking of You: Now with Colored Pencils

 Hello Crafters! 

I hope your weekend is going fabulously. 

Last night we stayed in, watched Monsters Inc. and my little monster even let me snuggle him for a little while. Then I got crafty and made some things that didn't look like complete crap.  Perfect Saturday night :) 

In my making of non-crap looking things I even used some stamps I received as a gift around Christmas time. Victory! 
What stamps you say . . .Pretty Peonies from WPlus9. Isn't that a builder set you say  . . .yes, yes it is. But I didn't use it that way. See, here's the thing, I don't really like builder sets. Yes, they can give really gorgeous results by stamping 1, 2, 3. buuttt those creations never feel like my own and that's the part I hate. When I create I want it to be partly mine too so I never really used the set. Why did I ask for it then you ask? Because they are beautiful. Really truly spectacular looking realistic flower stamps and my dear friends those are a rarity nowadays. 

So, these stamps were sitting on my desk eyeballing me. Every time I looked over those pretty peonies were giving me the stink eye. "We have no ink on us Kelly." "You haven't even opened our package Kelly." "The neighbors are going to call stamping services for neglect Kelly." . . .you know what I'm talking about. I finally went back to Dawn. She has all these awesome tutorials on her Youtube channel and during this one she says "You can really make these your own." 

Say what now?!  Make them my own . . .How?! . . .Then I started thinking about another video I saw on Jennifer's Youtube channel. This one was about highlighting a stamped image with colored pencils.

 BOOM. Idea!! 

I used the photo inspiration from The Card Concept to get the ball rolling. I think it's pretty Clean and Simple but I'd like to think it's also Classy and Elegant ;) 

and created this 

Basically, I just stamped the base layer of the flowers and leaves in color. I used all Hero Arts inks in Bubble Gum, Butter Bar, Soft Lilac, and Lime Green. After I had those done I stamped each of the outlines on their respective flowers and heat set them in white. I didn't use the leaf outline because I wanted the stems to be green. 

Now we color. :) Happy Times. Still rocking that Kathy 30 Day color challenge too!

 I used my Prismacolor pencils to add my shading instead of stamping it in, Then just use your eraser to blend. I kind of love it. I'm not very good with colored pencils yet and having the base down already helped me have a more solid image. Don't worry about getting colored pencil on your embossing either. When you erase to blend it gets the embossed parts too. I think the only thing I'd do differently is not emboss the little flowers. They are way more white than lilac but it's done. We'll get em' next time!

Thanks for stopping over. 
I hope you have a Blessed Sunday!



  1. Oh wow! I'm so glad you won't be turned in for stamp neglect, Kelly. This is one gorgeous card!

  2. That is one beautiful card, Kelly! I bought that same stamp set on November. I have the same feeling about building your flower as you have and it has been eyeballing me as well on my desk. I tried to watercolour those, but when Dawn makes it look so easy, well it wasn't easy for me. Very very neat idea to use pencils. Love your lay-out as well. And, I know I am repeating myself, but so good see you back! Love to see your work, it is always amazing!

  3. So dang gorgeous, Kelly! LOVE!!! ♥

  4. Such a beautiful and colorful card, Kelly :)

  5. Gorgeous Spring card, Cathy x

  6. What an amazing card! Love this!

  7. Gorgeous shading! Your flowers are absolutely beautiful and the way they are arranged is too! I'm glad you got some craft time and some snuggle time with your little guy!

  8. Kelly, this is gorgeous! I love the heat embossed details! We missed you on Saturday and I hope you are doing well! :)

  9. Amazing! So very beautiful Kelly!! Thanks for playing with us at the Card Concept!

  10. So, here's the thing!!! You are a genius and I love how you came up with a way to make these your own!! And you did an entirely splendid job with that, I might add!!! These blooms are gorgeous - bursting with color, multi faceted - the way nature really is!!!! You should be uber proud of this one - blew my SOCKS completely off!!!! WOW and WOW some more!!!!

  11. So glad to see you joining the fun at The Card Concept!
    Kelly, the posy is colored beautifully!

  12. This is beautiful! I had this set but sold it because I couldn't get it to work for me -- but you obviously don't have that problem! Fabulous card!

  13. I have the same issue with these building sets, so thank you for stretching your mind and sharing it with us! Your card is absolutely GORGEOUS, Kelly! The colors are just beautiful and I love how you merged CAS with Classy and Elegant! Really stunning card!!!