Thursday, March 19, 2015

We're on a Roll Here, Let's not lose Momentum

 Hello Crafters!

I'm back again. I've been posting like crazy. 
It's like someone let the dam go. Hallelujah! I feel like someone should be playing a slow building victory song or throwing confetti every time I finish a card. Not because they are any different than anything I was making before, they aren't, or because they are more fabulous than any other card makers, they're not, but because I made something. Completed it. Finito. and man that feels pretty good. 
I'm actually kind of scared to stop. Stupid probably, but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. I wonder what a gift horse looks like? Is he smiling because he's a gift and that why we shouldn't look him in the mouth? Or maybe frowning because he didn't want to be given away? I digress. A gift's a gift. I'm grateful. and it let's me play along with Kathy's 30 day color challenge :) 

Speaking of grateful, my blogging buddy Marika left me a note that the current Fusion Card Challenge was right up my alley. Of course I had to go see if she was right. Seriously, that girl knows my alley. Isn't it nice to have friends like that?  Makes me happy :) I linked her name to her blog and if  you haven't ever seen her work you need to go over there. Really NEED. She is wicked talented. I remember when I first saw her card in a challenge gallery. I had to go over and leave her some love. She had maybe 20 followers. I literally laughed out loud. Why? Because I knew it wouldn't be that way for long, not with her talent. I was right. :) Ask my husband I always am. She's starting to blossom in the card world and my oh my it's a beautiful thing. I'm thrilled for her. 

So back to the challenge . . .

You see? That inspiration picture is just, gah, perfect. Those large open flowers immediately made me think of the largest flower in Create A Smile's Botanical Love. I've been needing to make a get well card for a friend for the past week or so and all the purple made this the perfect card for her. 

You know the procedure by now, stamp, mask, color. I did all those things. The original stamp as two lines running through each petal. I wanted the veins to be light like the photo but was too lazy to do all that masking so I just traced over them with my white gel pen. I also added a few more white lines. It doesn't entirely cover the black but I don't think it needs to. I did go back and add a bit more color to blend those lines. The experts say not to do that because the gel pen can damage your copic nib. I believe them but I do it anyway. So far I haven't had an issue but try it at your own risk. The flowers in the photo have centers that a similar colors but I wanted to break up the purple a bit. I used a light green and yellows to compliment the purple pinks. 

I did the envelope a bit too just for fun. Now to drop this baby in the mail. I'm terrible at that. :/

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Studying the subtle shadow of each peddle . Nice work!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is fabulous! I'm grateful you are able to color and post again. You'd better get that card in the mail, it's too wonderful and your friend deserves the beauty to help her feel better! You are so very talented, Kelly!

  3. Kelly, you made me blush! Thank you. I think you are as awesome! And I am so happy to call you as my friend! And what comes to this card, I was so right, wasn't I! That inspiration photo called your name and you really made a strikingly beautiful card out of it. Another google of a stamp set... :) What an awesome way to stretch that stamp and I really like the way you changed it. I may have to email you about those copic colours, I love those blue shades!

  4. If I saw this card in a store, I would know it was your work! Amazing masking and coloring! Yes, you are on a roll! You might already know, but when someone bought a horse they would look in it's mouth to check it's teeth. They could tell the health of the horse that way I guess. If you got a horse as a gift, it would be pretty rude to look in its mouth!

  5. Keep 'em coming, Kelly! You are so very inspirational for all of us!! This is another stunner!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Kelly..I was wonder where were you???I thought hmmm maybe too much job at the workplace??and I see you again on the Blogland yihaaaa....those flowers Image is are so talented by coloring flowers And Me..NOT...dont ever challenged me to coloring is your Big Job...give me job making manly card..I will do my best ...LOL...This is amazingly perfectly and FANTABULOUS flower card ...too adorable...
    Big hugs from me in Germany

  7. Oh WOW Kelly - this is beautiful!!

    I've only come across your blog recently and I'm so glad I did. Your colouring is just amazing and I love your humour - it's just up my alley. Thanks for a sharing your wonderful creations - they all turn our gorgeous in the end - and thanks for inspiring us newbies to card making.

    PS: I'm looking forward to the your next card since you're on a roll :)

  8. A perfect, dazzling and colourful arrangement.
    Love those flower images.

  9. Why is it that we spend hours on a card, but the 5 minutes it takes to address an envelope to stick it in is something we just don't have time for?!? hahaha ... I totally get it! LOVE your coloring. The white gel pen really makes the flowers come to life. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! So glad you joined the Fusion Challenge, Kelly!

  10. Kelly - I have never, ever seen anyone who commands color the way you do!! You are freaking awesome!! To use a term you are familiar with - WICKED cool!!!! I am in love with the bursting of beautiful color these blooms have and how they make this card feel so happy and encouraging!!! Way to go - you have succeeded in rocking my world!!! So very thrilled for you that you are having time to craft again and my eyes are definitely seeing your amazing talent!!!

  11. Kelly, this card is superb! Your colouring is so beautiful... every single time! I could look at this card forever. :-)