Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paper Smooches Royal Cuteness

Hello Crafters!

I hope your Saturday is starting out better than mine. 
Some days it's like children. ugh.  Nathan has basically been refusing to sleep without the hubs or I in the room all week. This all sounds sweet until you realize that sleeping on the floor of your kids bedroom is like sleeping on a gravel driveway which is only a slightly better option than not sleeping at all. P.S. He'll be up in 3 hours, I have to work in 8 hours, so that'll be super fun. Any Mommas out there have any advice on how to stop the mad crazy screaming that is occurring in my house anytime it's nap or bedtime I'm all ears. The struggle is real ya'll.  

Enough dwelling let's move onto happy things, like a card!

I'm sliding in one more for the current Paper Smooches Anything Goes challenge

When I was away at the retreat there were a bunch of us sitting around chatting on the last day. I only had a few hours before I left and pretty much all my stuff was packed up. I did stamp a few things with what had been brought by others so I could color and chat. Who doesn't want to color and chat? 

This card was one of the things that I stamped but didn't color until I got home. It's from the Royal Cuteness set. I made sure I stamped them because I love this set. I bought this set. This set either grew wings and flew away or it was stolen in the middle of the night while I was distracted by my screaming banshee toddler. Maybe that's it. Maybe Nathan is in cahoots with some stamp stealing gremlins and it's his job to distract me so they can make off with my goods? No? Probably the sleep deprivation talking. Meh. Whatevs. 

Here is what I started with. Forgive the quality it's a phone photo. 

and with a little copic magic here's where we ended up.

I truly did just color this. It's completely flat. I didn't add a sentiment because A. I can't find my set! Gremlins  . . . and B. I'm not sure whom it's going to go to yet so I'll just keep it in engagement/anniversary/wedding limbo until then. 

I did take photos of the process and I can do a flipogram if you'd like to see it (and you follow me on Instagram) Also, while away several of my friends encouraged me to start doing videos. Straight up, Videos make me nervous but if it's something you guys are interested in I'd probably be willing to give it a go. Let me know :) 

Thanks for visiting!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Oh. my. goodness! Your skills amaze me! I keep scrolling back and forth between the stamped image you started out with and the finished piece. Amazing! You have some fabulous coloring skills. The dimension and perspective look spot on to me. The detail you've added is fantastic. My jaw needs a sling to pick it up off the floor. Fabulous work, Kelly. Hope you can wrangle those gremlins and find that set so you can play some more! (Seriously, I do hope you find this set, being on a budget myself, I know how hard that would be to have lost something you invested in). I would love to watch you color, but if it isn't your thing to record the process, I respect that. Wish I had some good advice for you on what's going on with your sleep stealer. I don't recall ever sleeping in my child's room. I think one slept in my bed on occasion. Sometimes with my younger one, when she couldn't sleep, we'd sit up with her (in the living room) for a show or two on one of the kid networks, but when it was done, she was to get back into bed and go to sleep. She got the snuggle time she needed, the time was finite and she went to sleep with no issues. We did this from the time she was really young and just last week, my husband sat with her when she was struggling with some school thing and she's 12 now. Somehow it works for her. Oh and I forgot to say on my last comment that I am so relieved to hear your Gramcracker is doing so much better! I hope that continues. Somehow I get the sense you may take after her a bit. :) Good luck with your sleep stealer and again, what an amazing card!

  2. Oh my goodness Kelly, the starting point and then the end result is like night and day! I absolutely love the way you added such detail in this scene!!!

  3. How amazing!! I don't know how anyone could color that great and be sleep deprived! I'm glad it was a good time with friends though. My two cents for what it's worth on the sleeping: I held onto my husband's hand and cried in our room while our daughter screamed in hers. This went on forever (probably not) for three nights. Then, every night after for about a week, she screamed less and less and then, honestly, we never had a problem after that. Now I know this doesn't work for everyone, so if it doesn't, it's not your fault. It just worked for us so I'm sharing.

  4. Gorgeous card. You have mad skills!! Yes, you really should make videos. I'm not sure how you will find the time. Work, husband, toddler......WOW!!! I understand about the gremlins...I will actually be working on something and all of a sudden it is not there any more. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer on the sleeping issue, I was very fortunate, had 2 good sleepers. Catch sleep when you can. Hope it gets better for you soon.

  5. What a gorgeous free-hand scene you created, Kelly! I'm awed at the extra detail you went to in creating the linear design (in white) on the Princess' dress!
    But then again, it's typical of your amazing colouring skills! Terrific.

  6. ADORE ABLE Kelly...tooooo sweettt ..sooo perfect colored♡♡♡

  7. Well, I am super impressed with this one!! Love that you "JUST" colored this with markers!! I could not do that - you made an amazing scene!! I am so sorry about your little one - I don't really have any advice for you - I don't remember much from my littles sleep routines - except for that I had 2 criers and I had to just let them cry - sounds mean, huh?? Anyways my thoughts are with you!!

  8. amazing! i am in awe! HOW did you do that dress?

  9. We did the cry it out thing too with both kids. It's hard on the parents, but it's so good for them to be able to sleep alone. Ours were younger, though, so I don't know that the Ferber method would work with a toddler. I remember it being a half-hour the first night (of crying), and then 20 minutes at the next nap and then 15 and then by the next day it was just 5 minutes. By the next night it was all over. My daughter didn't like if we came to check on her and then left again, so we didn't after that first time.

    You could try a push-on light that he can only use when you're not in the room or a light up stuffed animal or something. Maybe. I only know this--there's a reason sleep deprivation is a torture's the worst!
    Just saw this card on PS and looovveeedd it!!