Thursday, April 23, 2015

You are my Sunshine

 Hello Crafters! 

We almost made it through another week. Hallelujah! 

I'm really cutting it close with the current CAS(E) This Sketch challenge so I'm going to get right to it. 

Mind you I printed the image 3 days ago, watercolored it two days ago, and used my copics yesterday. Why did this card take so long? I have no idea. I thought you knew. 

This image is from Make it Crafty. I bought it as part of the Spring Flower Digi Collection but you can get it separately. I have a few images from them which are super cute but I was happily surprised to see such gorgeous flowers. Yay! I also bought the Beautiful Flowers Digi Collection because they were both on sale. And I have no self control. You'll be seeing a lot more of these in the coming weeks I promise. 

I printed the sunflowers out on water color paper. I watercolored the background with my Peerless Watercolors. Yes, my printer ink ran. I wet it with clean water and then blot it away. The second time I wet it there isn't any bleeding. It's kind of a pain but I don't mind because I love the look. I wanted the background to fade out but I have a hard time accomplishing that with my brush. My trick is after the background is dry I dab the edges with a wet baby wipe. It softens the hard lines really nicely. 
After it was dry I colored the flower with my copics. 

The sentiment is from the same collection. I printed it on vellum and heat embossed it in black. Let me share a secret, printing on vellum leaves you with two choices of torture. Door #1: Work around your wet sentiment while trying to build your card and not smear the ink because this stuff takes eons to dry on vellum. Maybe not eons but I'm pretty sure my toddler definitely would have been in college. Door #2: Heat emboss it. Vellum is notoriously static prone and you can't prep your area with a static tool because it's wet so you painstakingly brush off EVERY.SINGLE.STRAY. because there is no covering up stray embossing on vellum. These are your choices. Pick your poison. 
I  mean, I suppose, you could have some forethought and print your sentiment the night before and let it dry but who crafts like that?!

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  1. Gorgeous, Kelly! LOVE the shading in your background, and of course your wonderful coloring of the flowers!

  2. beautiful watercoloring - and the vellum tips were great too!

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous, Kelly! Fabulous take on the sketch!

  4. This is lovely Kelly!!! I love the watercolored background, it is gorgeous!

  5. I know I know....cause it's perfection and perfection takes time...thanks for the chuckle! Fantastic card!!!!

  6. fantastic watercolored card!!! so beautiful

  7. Oh my goodness, Kelly, this is fabulous! I love your watercolored background. I'd have probably chucked the card if the ink smeared, but it sounds like you know exactly what to do to help with that. Thanks for sharing. Thanks as well, for stopping by my blog and sharing that my printer ink may be the issue. Could very well be! Glad to know not every one has the same issues I was having. :) Seriously beautiful work here. Have a great weekend!

  8. Really gorgeous card, Kelly! Your water coloring is so beautiful and your details are just beautiful!

  9. AMAZING and GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL - I am so in love with all the things you have done to create this boldly, vividly colored beauty!!! Thanks for the tips and for the thought processes on printing on vellum - very helpful!! Especially love the tip about the baby wipe - I am not very good at watercoloring yet but I am giving it a try!!! Yeah for me - what a incredible inspiration you are to me in the coloring area and the use of watercoloring - keep giving hints - I am reveling in it!!! You are awesome - hope your day is too!!!

  10. Oh, so pretty! Wonderful coloring and of course, that awesome sentiment on vellum! ;)

  11. This is STUNNING! Love how you combined watercoloring and copics. And that printing on vellum and heat embossing is a neat idea!

  12. Kelly
    this is OH SO STUNNING
    I love your color combo and always love to see your coloring
    you have a great talent at coloring flower I am not
    I am not good at all at flower coloring I want to be a bit like you get maybe 10-15% of your talent but cant..I cant (LOL)