Thursday, May 21, 2015

Color My World

 Hello Crafters! 

We're more than halfway through the week!! Almost made it, hang in there. 

Let's have a little update shall we?
I started my first day of training for the new job yesterday. Yikes. It's really interesting but very different. At my current job I can't leave the radio without leaving it in the loving hands of someone else. Consequently, I have to hunt, beg, plead,stalk, and bribe my fellow coworkers to do anything. Even pee. Imagine how fun that was when I was pregnant. 

In this new position I'm free. I can go where I want and do what I want whenever I want. I mean I still have to be a responsible adult and accomplish things but if I want to pee I can. WHENEVER I WANT. I feel like I'm straight out of Braveheart, horse mounted, riding down the hillside yelling freedom while rocking some fabulous face paint and waving a sword in people's general direction. So yeah that part is kind of awesome. 

My peanut butter is turning two tomorrow. Yes, I said two. Wait right here while I go cry in the corner. I am crying because my baby is a toddler (although forever my baby) and also because I have to clean my house for this party. Like for real clean it, not just move my piles of crap around to confuse my husband. Hopefully, I'll have some photos to share with you of the party but for now I'll share these two with you. 

2 hours old. 

Almost 2 years old. 

There are no words for the joy, laughter and love this kid brings me. Some days I wonder if I even existed before he did. God is good and I am grateful.

Now that I've shown you my heart how about I show you a card? Oh that's what you came for? You could have just said so ;) 

Today's card is super simple but so me. 
I'm an avid reader. Whenever I have free time If I'm not card making my nose is in a book. I'm currently reading the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon and loving it. What about you? I'm always looking for good books!

The East Wind is currently having a challenge and Book It is the theme.  I know everyone is probably going to use Lucy Loo Bookaholic but I don't care. Kristina used this image forever ago and I loved it so much I bought it right away. I've never used. I wasn't missing this opportunity :) 

It's a very simple one layer card. I printed the image and colored with copics. I love the way her hair turned out. You know I love anything rainbow but coloring my world is exactly what books do so it was perfect to "name" it that. Thankfully I had the Create A Smile set with that sentiment. I'm going to be sending this card to a friend of mine who loves the rainbows as much as I do. She colors my world too :) 

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  1. Kelly you do make me laugh! Although as a SAHM I rarely get much time to pee on my own. I usually have an audience! Good luck with the new job and the birthday party. Children really do bring light into our lives. And absolutely beautiful card - your colouring is amazing! Xx

  2. Oh my...good luck with the new job. Happy Birthday to your little guy. What a cutie! Your card is amazing! you are a gal after my own heart with your love of reading. I read every single day. My younger daughter is a more avid reader than me. Squee! And she loves kitties. This is an amazing card. Love the theme, the rainbow and the kitty, too. Kelly, you are one terrific artist and your work makes me smile and fills me with happiness. Thank you.

  3. Good luck on the new job. Peeing when you want to is a good thing! Ha! This card just makes me smile - the kitty on top! Just wonderful

  4. Oh what a fun image, Kelly! You did it proud! Your son is adorable........and now the years will start to fly: don't blink, he'll be graduating high school in about 5 minutes! Oh I wish I could have that time back with my boys!

  5. My granddaughter is almost one and it just flies :-( Its so sad, you want to hang onto those baby days, I know! Happy Birthday to her!!

    I love your card, so colorful and the image is awesome!

  6. Your son is adorable! But you know that!!! Ha!!! The card is fantastic! And I LOVE the Outlander series! Reading it for the second time around since we started watching the series on tv (I'm now on the 7th book this second time around). I had read the first one some 22 years ago when she wrote it, so had forgotten a lot of the details. You should watch it after you read the book!

  7. I just adore are just so real and make me smile. So glad I found your blog cause you are talented, too! No worries on the PB getting bigger -- more fun ahead (I had 6 and loved every minute - still do). And, you will simply adore the Outlander series.....those are books that stay with you.

  8. Ah, Kell, I love your heart and I love your p.b. and I love your writing and I love your card!!! Oh, and I love rainbows, too! I think that about covers it. No. Wait. There is more. You should know that by now about me. I forgot to say, I love that you are in a job now we're you are free to pee wherev, oops, WHENever you want!! Hugs, Darnell

  9. Kelly, ohhh you make my heart beat faster. This card is isWONDERFUL. I love your colouring and I am so so having to do this just once cause I want to say I have a card just like yours. Love it

  10. Have I said it before? I mean, other than the mantra of how AMAZINGLY MAD I think your colouring skills are ...
    Have I mentioned how I enjoy reading your posts because you're just so funny, and down-to-earth?
    OK, so let's get the good stuff out of the way - this card is FANTASTIC! As an avid reader myself, the image is wonderful (and your colouring of it makes it even more so!). Lately, for me, I've been devouring Sandra Brown novels - I mean, seriously DEVOURING them (one book every couple of days). Unfortunately, that means my cardmaking is taking a back seat :-(
    A mother's greatest treasure is being able to see their babes grow up - there is no greater joy, and sorrow. A very Happy Birthday to your little peanut - may he grow older surrounded by love, respect, laughter and good health.
    Congrats & best wishes on the new job, Kelly!

  11. Vibrant colors!!! Gorgeous! Your little one is soooo cute! My little man just turned 10 months. They grow so fast, right?

  12. Kellyyyy cuteeeeee photo of your little cutie pie...kiss kiss for him...
    Love to read your story...
    Dear seriously...AMAZING Talent of coloring....lovely image {I want to have it now but I cant colorong so wonderful like you did :(()

    Adorable card my sweet friend...big hugs from Germany...see u around..

  13. Love the rainbow of haircolors! Talk about making a statement!!! Such amazing work you do Kelly, each time I see your work I am wowed. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  14. Love your card...But your toddler is super cute! I can see why he melts your heart!

  15. Happy Birthday to your peanut butter!! AND your card has COLORED my world with absolute sweetness today!! Love the colors - love the way she is so avidly reading with all that colored hair piled up on her head!! And the way you color - oh my - it transcends to another level!! You just amaze me with what you accomplish when you put marker to paper - AWESOME and INSPIRING!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  16. Love your card AND your post, Kelly! Happy Birthday to your little "peanut butter" (too cute) and congrats on now having a job where you can pee when you want. LOL Too bad you have to "really clean" your house for the party. sure you wanna do that? It is for a 2 year old, after all and afterwards you'll have to do it all over again. Bummer! Oh yeah, the card. I really, really , REALLY love it. Your coloring is outstanding and as she was my first and still may be my FAVE TEW stamps of all time I adore her being enter stage with no distractions. Thanks so much for joining our "Book It" challenge at TEW. xxD

  17. Fabulous Kelly, stunning colouring and great card. Thanks for joining the Book It challenge at The East Wind! mo x