Monday, June 8, 2015

CASEing Genius: Joan Bardee

 Hello Crafters! 

I'm super excited to be back with another CASEing Genius for you guys! 
It really makes my Mondays. I hope it helps make yours too. 

Let's dive right in!
I give you the super talented and extremely funny .. . .

I've followed Joan's blog, Dear Paperlicious (Previously I Make, I Talk),  for quite some time now and I just adore her style. She has a clean fresh style that is constant. Her creations are often happy and quite frankly that makes me happy. You know what else makes me happy? Her hysterical sense of humor. When I read Joan's stories I feel like it's just two of us girls chatting over coffee telling funny stories. That is magical. She also is a huge supporter of other crafters. Joan can frequently be seen leaving a trail of love all over blog land. Yeah, She's awesome like that. 

Ready to learn all about her?
Me too!


1. Who are you and where do you live?
I live in Fairfax, VA, a suburb of Washington DC.  Since I recently retired, I am not sure who "I am" but it would include wife, mom, crafter, and writer.

2. How would you describe your style?
Simple -- I want to produce items that non crafters will enjoy.  I don't always succeed, but I try!

3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
Inks and markers.  Basic, but I love the variety of colors and properties. I wish I had the space and $$ to buy them all.

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
A card making kit from Home Shopping Network that included thin gold paper, a wood mounted reindeer stamp, and a really ugly shade of green pigment ink.  I think I'll pass if this is offered again.

Fun stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song?  
The theme to the Waltons.     Forgive me.

6. Who would play you in a movie?
Kathy Bates

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess? 
 I almost became a nun and, later, seriously considered converting to Judaism.  

I forgive you for the Waltons theme song but only because you said Kathy Bates. 

Now the best part: CARDS!!

Sweet and simple perfection. That ornament is just like POW I'm awesome. Yes, yes you are. 

Soft blue with a bold red sentiment. Uh, Hello Gorgeous! This card has so much movement which takes you directly to that beautiful pop of color. It is the perfect example of the gallon/pint/quart rule. 

I've seen the 3 x 3 layout done a hundred times but never I have I loved it like I love this. It's a beautiful array of colors but I mostly love it because it's not a perfect square. She made room for her bold sentiment and set it off with some black thread. I puffy heart it. 


In all three of Joan's cards it's really easy to pick out two of her trademarks: bold sentiments and repeat patterns. I knew I couldn't CASE her without including those two things. 

I loved the partial watercoloring on the first card along with it's graphic feel. The third card is softer but still pretty geometric. I think the design coming down from the top on the second card is just beautiful so I wanted to use that too. 

I started off by die cutting several squares of watercolor paper using the Greetings and Salutations dies from WPlus9. After I die cut them I left them in the die and traced a black line around each one using my copic multiliner. 
Now the fun part! I painted, splashed, and spattered distress ink on each square careful not to cover the whole piece. Confession time, Joan uses red brilliantly. Red probably should have been used in this card . .but I'm actually not that big of a fan. Forgive me. I decided to throw in some green instead of the red because I felt like it matched the rest of the color scheme better. I did pick the rest of the colors based on her cards though! 

For the sentiment I used the "hello" circle stamp and die from the same WPlus9 set. I stamped it in black to get the bold look Joan does so well. Now the black string was new to me. Even though I've seen it done bunches this is my first time doing it. Basically I just wadded it up under my sentiment and attached my circle with foam tape. I think it's kind of a fun way to give a smaller sentiment some weight. :) I scattered on some black sequins and called it done!

Thanks so much for visiting me, 
I hope you'll head over and see all of Joan's awe inspiring projects at her blog
Thanks so much for participating Joan!!



  1. Amazing! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy her style and yours for sure! :)

  2. Thanks for introducing Joan...Hopping over to her blog to see more simple goodness:) I have so much to learn about simple, it REALLY is refreshing.
    Great case, by the way Kelly!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me. I am so honored. Your card is amazing.

  4. Love these Monday cases because I get a peek at awesome crafters like Joan!!!

  5. Thanks for featuring Joan. I've followed her for some time & love her sense of humor. Her artistic ability is amazing - simple, but always perfectly executed. Love, love your case - very fun & bright.

  6. okay, I'm such a fan of Joan' reading the interview {The Waltons' and Kathy Bates...awesome}. Gorgeous inspirational cards and Kelly, love how you were inspired!

  7. I've just recently met Joan and am already looking forward to her next post! Fab cards, love the CASE and if you were a nun - you'd be of the flying variety, Joan!
    =] Michele

  8. Awesome interview. Love Joan's work and you have make a wonderful card using her cards as inspiration.

  9. Joan cards are stunning all with great concept and yours stuning double...great take on her cards...hope you are ok..miss your encouragement my sweet friend...if u have 2 minutes time..visit me ok..big hugs

  10. I have been a big fan of Joan for a while as well! I love your interpretation of her style, Kelly!

  11. Wow, what an eye-opener first thing in the a.m., Kelly. Perfect way to start a new day, though, full of colour & happiness after seeing your lovely card! I had seen a few of Joan's lovely cards on Pinterest, but thanks for introducing her (and her lovely blog) to us. I popped over to have a peek and I'm smitten - love her CAS style!

  12. Great interview! Love Joan's work and your CASE is amazing!

  13. Love your CASE, Kelly! Why was I thinking you had made this an actual challenge? I was looking at Joan's cards thinking "hmmm...which one should I try to CASE?" but I guess I was thinking of another challenge! LOL

  14. Oh my, oh my, oh my!! I LOVE that CASE!!! This is fantastic!! Thank you for the interview. I always love to learn about other crafters!!

  15. Great interview, Kelly, and magnificent CASE of Joan's wonderful style!! It was wonderful to learn more about Joan!! Hugs, Darnell

  16. Super fun to meet Joan and I love the way you can CASE others so well!! I think you can create ANYTHING!!! Happy day to you and thanks for what you do!!