Monday, June 22, 2015

CASEing Genius: Lindsay Amrhein

 Hello Crafters! 

Happy Monday!
Did you enjoy your weekend?

I sure did. We had family over for Father's day and then the hubs and I went and saw comedian Kevin Hart. So funny. 

Before we get to today's Genius I wanted to say I went over and read the comments on my guest post for the Simon Says Stamp blog and nearly cried. Several of you made comments along the lines of how talented you thought I am and that it was well deserved. Seriously, you guys never cease to amaze me. How sweet can you be?! I have the best readers ever. ever. ever. Thank you for your support and for touching my heart. <3 

Alright, today's Genius is my first ever crafty crush

True story. I bought my first ever Paper Crafts Magazine and while I was perusing the pages I fell in love with a card made by Lindsay. No shock, she had like six million bazillion hundred thousand cards published. I didn't count or anything because well I have a life to live, but i sincerely think I'm in the ballpark. Anywho, I looked her up to see if she had a blog, she does, it's called Note to Self, and then I silently stalked her for years. I'm not sure why I never really said anything. I think I just felt like she was this big enormous thing and I wasn't. I would like to note that it was completely silly on my part. When I finally met Lindsay in person and totally fangirled all over her in a completely creepy way she was so sweet. Completely normal and down to earth. Even though I was mucho creepy. Come to find out we live about 30 minutes away from each other. Fun huh? :)
Now that you know she is an awesome person let's talk about her talent. Oh. My. God. She rocks it all. cute. modern. florals, graphic. Knocks them all out of the park. Amazing. 

Let's learn some more about her . .

The Interview: 

1. Who are you and where do you live?
My name is Lindsay Amrhein, and I live in Northeastern Ohio. Think all four seasons in a given day!

2. How would you describe your style?
I would say my style ranges from Fun & Cute, to Clean and Graphic. I love layers, and yet simplicity and white space are very refreshing. 

3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
Well, for the past couple of months, I have been loving my Copics all over again. Coloring has been very therapeutic lately. That, and there are so many fun images out there to color!

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
Oh my, I remember that first order like it was yesterday! I didn't have a stamp to my name, or any decent ink and I remember getting buttons, lots of buttons! I think I stared at it all for a good ten minutes before opening any of it.

Fun stuff:
5. What is your current favorite song?
Whoa, how do I pick? I love the latest songs by Crowder, Hawk Nelson and Toby Mac, but right now I love listening to Brother by NeedToBreath. Such a great song.

6. Who would play you in a movie?
That is a great question, because I have NO idea! I am so far behind on celebs!

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess?
 There are many things about me that are no secret. I am pretty transparent, and anyone who knows me, I am a joker, love to laugh...loud, and can talk an ear off! When it comes to things people don't know, I can't find my way out of a paper bag, honestly. I am so directionally challenged it borders on embarrassing!

I love me some Hawk Nelson and Toby Mac. Also, she has no idea whose in movies because she has kids. I haven't watched tv show in two years that wasn't on the Disney Channel. I feel your pain girl 

Let's see some crafts eh?

Seriously? Serious? No really. These flowers are gorgeous. Her coloring stunning and I love how she raised some of the images to get dimension. 

Who knew black and white could look so good? The masked off sentiment is a perfect way to draw attention to it while sticking to a true black and white color scheme. 

I just love this. LOVE. It's so sweet and simple but eye catching and totally complete at the same time. 


I was in love with Lindsay's first card. Panel covered in florals? Don't mind if I do :) I also really enjoy a black strip along my cards so I immediately snagged that from card two. The last card is so gorgeous with the die cutting faux chipboard. Since she used black as her base layers it gives the sentiment a the feel of a black outline. 

I wanted the black outline look but I don't own any of the Altenew dies. So I tried something different.  I outlined only the edges of my "Thanks" solid stamp and then second generation stamped it on to my card. After I stamped all my flowers from Persian Motifs I used gray copics to shade my sentiment in but only the parts that weren't covered with flowers. It was my way of making it feel like part of the design. The rest is pretty simple. Color with copics, outline with a multiliner, add white dots and sequins. I trimmed my panel to be 3..75 x 5.50 and then added my black strips on either side. Done :)

I do hope you head over and visit Linday's blog . You will be swept away into a magical land where all design styles meet beautifully! Who doesn't want to see that?!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh. My. Word. Girl, you crack me up! Really, I was giggling my way through this wonderful post. I am so humbled that you picked me to CASE, and think your card is a dream come true! Meeting you was so fab, and I really hope we are able to meet again soon!

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Lindsay and her wonderful style! Love how you have CASED 3 of her cards in one, brilliant beauty!

  3. YAY for Lindsay! :) Gorgeous cards! And stunning CASE, Kelly!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Lindsey's beautiful work Kelly!
    ... and showing a beautiful case of her work!

  5. Another wonderful interview, Kelly, and a pleasure to get to know Lindsay and her stunning talent! You did a brilliant CASE of her equally brilliant card!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. beautiful projects from you and Lindsay! love her blog too!

  7. So fun to see you playing off Lindsay's ideas! Gorgeous cards from both of you!

  8. Gorgeous cards by Lindsay! And your CASE is stunning Kelly! You both are SO TALENTED!

  9. Thank you for introducing me to another crafter I can also love! Lindsay's cards are stunning and your CASE is just beautiful. Keep crafting, you keep me going on gloomy days and at dark times with your bright and cheering creations. Xx

  10. Yay! big fan of Lindsay's and chuckled to find out that she's directionally challenged too:) Love all the cards from today and whatta awesome CASE!

  11. Ahhh Kelly you have done it again. Another brilliant interview, love love Lindsay and her style and your CASE is brilliant, as usual.

  12. Love your case, and you taste in music too ;-)!

  13. 30 minutes? 30? and you're not at each other's houses like all the time? Lindsay I'm so glad to know more about you - of course Kelly is 'right on' with her list ... fabulous style, you rock the coloring... and I'm only 6 hours from Cleveland so you girls better get ready for a visit!!! Oh? You think I'm kidding?! Thanks, Kelly - love what you've done with Lindsay's card!
    =] Michele

  14. Thanks for introducing me to another crafter to stalk ...errr, I mean, follow her blog ;-) Love "Caseing Genius", Kelly - you're so amazing to spread the love between us and showcase talent that we may otherwise have missed out on (like Lindsay!).
    As for your card ... totally SICK!!! (Super, Incredible, Crazy, Kickass beautiful)

  15. Another great CASE! Love these!!! What a great way to meet other designers!!!

  16. Oh!! Thank you for introducing me to another person I have to STALK!! Her style is fabulous!! I LOVE your CASE of her cards too. The colors you used lend a WOW factor and I have to tell you, I own this stamp set and the cards I have made with it DO NOT even resemble this. STUNNING work!!

    and thanks for the more info about Lindsey
    your card so INCREDIBLE adorable...

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