Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Thought I Killed My Blog

 Hello Crafters!

If you came to visit me yesterday you probably noticed I had murdered my blog. 
Where pretty card pictures should be there was nothing but a big gray circle inside a square. 
It was quite traumatic for the both us, seeing as how I thought I had slayed 5 years worth of my work, and the blog felt horribly ugly. 

After I tried to fix it, got angry, yelled, cried, yelled some more, phoned a friend, submitted myself to hours of "help" from co-workers who never wrote a blog ever (God Bless them for trying) I finally fixed it. 
The problem was I had managed to set my pictures to private on mt Google+ account which is connected to Blogger. Google was basically zero help in providing the information to fix it. Thank God and Hallelujah someone posted a video on Youtube showing exactly how to fix it. The Moral of the story don't mess around with your preferences and  you're blog will survive another day. It will also save you lots of frustration, crying, and yelling profanities. You're welcome. 

Yesterday while I was incommunicado I shared a card over at the Create A Smile blog. 

You can go here if you'd like to see the full card and check out how I made it. 

I'm actually here to share another card with you. I noticed right away that the current CAS(E) this Sketch and The Card Concept were highlighting butterflies. I love me some butterflies. 

I think this card falls into the Clean and Layered Category. I think. :) 

Love this classic sketch. I took it pretty much as is. 

I usually add my color to the focal point like most people. This time I thought it would be fun to have a neutral focal piece with a bright background. I used Peerless Watercolors to create a random background wash of colors from the inspiration photo. Once it was dry I used the smallest rectangle from Simon Says Stamp's Stitched Rectangles to create a fun patterned square using the die cuts. The middle section created a perfect square but I didn't want that to be white so I cut it out of the watercolor piece using a craft knife and a ruler. 

I created the same pattern using the die cuts on a white card panel and then inlaid the watercolor pieces. I just cover the back in regular tape and stick my pieces in. I used a butterfly die from memory box to cut through all the pieces and then cut a second one in white. I put down more tape and inlaid the white butterfly. I love the way it turned out. 

I pretty much can't stop using the Sending and Wishing set from Simon Says Stamp. There are so many combinations you can use to create sentiments and I love the script used on the dies. That K. Werner has some seriously gorgeous handwriting! 
I cut the wishing out of black glitter paper and adhered it flat to my card. The second portion was heat embossed in white on black. This is something else I can't stop doing. It just looks so bold! Love, love, LOVE. 
I added a few sequins to finish it off before I popped it up on craft foam and called it finished. 

Thanks for visiting! 
Sorry if you came by yesterday and it was a gray circle graveyard. 
I promise not to do that ever again!!



  1. Eep! I love your all BOY card and your butterfly backed by the stunning stained glass is beyond beyond, Kelly!! I'm sorry you lost 2.3 months off your life and, in fact, almost your whole life over the Blog Bleep! I know prezackly how you feel and it's not pretty. I'm so happy for you that you got it all righted! Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. OK, there's another reason for me to dislike Google+! I have never understood the reason for it, don't want to have anything to do with it, and now even more so hearing about your issues! :) Sorry you had that trouble, girlfriend... glad you figured it out! It'd be a sad world without your gorgeous cards!

    P.S. We need to do lunch someday! Give me a holler next time you're in Medina!

  3. So sorry to hear about your blog troubles. but now I know who to go to when Google goofs up on my blog:)
    Your card for TCC is super fun! You are a white pen wizard:)
    I'm LOVE'IN that butterfly on stained glass panel! Thanks for explaining the technique.

  4. LOOOOOVE the boy card Kelly, it is so colorful and so fun looking! And the butterfly card is just SO gorgeous!

  5. I so appreciate when I stop by your blog, you always put a smile on my face! Glad you figured things out with your blog before someone or something got injured! BTW....Great cards! The butterfly one is fantastic with that sketch and the little boy one is so bold and wonderful too!

  6. I'm glad you were able to fix your blog! I don't do anything with Google+ -- it scares me! LOL!
    I love your pretty card! Great take on the sketch!

  7. Beautiful colors and design on your card :-)

  8. Stop playin' around with Google+!!! Lol! Seriously, I'm so glad you figured it all out! I shudder to think about the withdrawal I would feel if I couldn't see your gorgeous work! Love this card! ♥

  9. My stomach got all in knots just reading about your blog (mis)adventure! Glad it got straightened out! The jewel tones on your background are gorgeous, a perfect backdrop for the butterfly!

  10. I'm sooooo happy everything is okay...WHEW.
    Gorgeous butterfly card and awesome sneaky peek.

  11. The good news? This card is amazing! Love the background you've created in all those striking colors, Kelly. The bad news? I've read about his disaster just before going to bed ... nightmares ahead, I fear... glad it turned out okay!
    =] Michele

  12. It happened to me as well some time ago... I almost freaked out!!!
    Your card... well... yes it took my breath away!
    Thanks for joining us at Case this sketch!

  13. I wondered about the "big gray circle inside a square" images I got on my blog feed e-mail the other day. I'm SO technically challenged that I thought it was MY issue, not yours LOL I wish I had more of a "laissez faire" attitude that the younger generation have - i.e. experiment more with my computer/programs to learn them better. But I say it's best to leave things alone if they're working! :-)
    I'm so glad you got the issue fixed, Kelly, as we now get to see your lovely cards again. Love the subtle chevron deets on the fabulous Boy card; and the stitching details and watercolour effects on the butterfly card.

  14. Sorry about your bloggy struggles. Happy you found the solution.
    LOVE your cards both are great. Thank you for joining us at The Card Concept!

  15. Oh goodness, gracious! That butterfly card is gorgeous. What a stunning background of color. Thank you so much for sharing how you created this. Wow! Enjoyed the sneaky peek at the boy card, and saw it over on the other blog. Wow on that one, too. So sorry to hear of your blog struggles and am thoroughly relieved that you got them resolved. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talents.

  16. Kelly, so sorry for your computer woes. I'm not tech savvy and that's one of the reasons I don't have a blog. I don't like to change things (read: upgrade, add new things) because my computer is never happy afterwards. So glad you got yours fixed and it's wonderful to see you again :) Your cards are both wonderful! I especially like that little boy's card.

  17. I love how you've reversed the usual way of doing this! Very refreshing! Wish I'd thought of that! Bright and beautiful!

  18. I am frustrated because I cant get my profile pic to look right...I look like I have a wide face. It was normal and then I don't know what happened lol! Anyway, love your cards!!!

  19. Ooooh, how cool is that vibrant pattern of rectangles behind a white butterfly! I also love your bright, happy boy card! So glad you found a solution, so sorry it happened in the first place.

  20. Thank heaven you were able to fix the problem with your blog...I would have panicked! Another gorgeous work of art, Kelly! You're doing amazing things with your Peerless Water Colors...Love how you combined challenges, too! Off to check out your other card :)

  21. Two perferct cards for both challenges. Love the use of negative pace of that die to be your focal point. I'm glad that your blog and YOU are ok, are you?

  22. Gorgeous butterfly card! Thank you so much for playing along with The Card Concept!

  23. Wow Kelly. Your card is amazing. Love the bright colors :)

  24. Super artistic and classy looking card - love how you interpreted the sketch!!!