Friday, August 14, 2015

A Day For Daises: Sequins

 Hello Crafters!

I'm a little late with my post but Nathan and I made banana pancakes for breakfast and then played outside with his water table before his nap. 
See, I couldn't help but soak up every minute with him today because  it was a bad night at work last night. I don't want to be Debbie Downer (no offense to all you Debbie's out there I'm sure you are as cheerful as the sun) but if you know anyone who works in a Police or Fire department you know some calls hit closer to home. 
This morning was all about being grateful to God for the endless gift he has given me in this sweet natured little boy he has blessed me with. And when I looked in his eyes and told him I loved him he kissed me and patted me on the back while I cried tears he couldn't possibly understand for a mother I've never met. So I'm late with my post. I figured you'd understand. If you happen to think of it during your day today say a prayer for that mother, that family. 

Alright, I fell into some feelings. 

Let's dust them off and get on with the card shall we? 
That is why we're here right? Right. 

A Day for Daisies as a new challenge up and it's Sequins!
What is happier than sequins? Nothing. Okay, maybe glitter, but they are pretty much neck and neck for first place. 

I used a stamp called Beautiful Chubby Mermaid 3 and I think she's stunning. 

Remember a few weeks ago when I was ridiculously excited about the acrylic paint/stippling brush water but couldn't share my card so I made another one instead? Yeah, this was that card. 

I printed the mermaid out on white cardstock and regular printer paper. The second was to use as a mask. I masked my mermaid as well as the horizon line. I used a blender tool and Tumbled Glass Distress Ink to create my sky. I added in a few clouds with my paint and stippling brush. I removed the water wask and flipped it to mask the sky. 

For the water I could have used just copics but I'm cheap and lazy. It's okay. Facts are facts. I didn't want to use ALL that copic ink to cover the background so I used Distress Ink instead. For the water I used Tumbled Glass, Salty Ocean (duh, it's like the ocean!) and Mermaid Lagoon (Hello, it's like a Mermaid ocean.) I removed the masks and started in with the copics. 

I added some details into the water and colored my Mermaid and outcropping. I put my mask back in place to stipple on my breaking "waves" I was seriously giddy at this point because I loved it so much. Can you see why I'm an addict?

Now the painstaking but oh so worth it portion of the card. I glued six hundred million hexagon sequins to her tail. Okay, it was like 35-45 but still it look forever. I think they look incredible though. I'm so glad I took the time to do it. :)

I hope you'l join the challenge here. Tammy even shared a sweet Mermaid freebie for you to play along with or if you're feeling like spending a whopping $2.00 - 4.00 you can get an image from the shop. :)

Thanks for visiting me!



  1. My hat's off to you, truly it is. I don't know how you do it and I would cry every day if I did your job. My heart goes out to her and I shall say a prayer. On to your card and my hat is firmly off to you for sticking all those sequins on! I love the sea foam stippling. Fabulous card! Xx

  2. I've been lurking and admiring your cards for a long time, but your introduction to this post made me teary-eyed and I had to come out of lurkdom and comment. My heart goes out to that mother, and to you, for having to bear such a rough day at work. Hugs from little arms are the best, aren't they?

    Oh, and your card is STUNNING! That stippling technique? I'm swooning over here! Absolutely gorgeous, Kelly. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Kelly, I too am very proud of you for doing a job many of us would just find too draining. You are a wonderful person, I'm glad you can come home and have a cry because everyone needs to be able to release the pressure somehow.
    Now to your card, when I was looking at that mermaid I was looking at her tail and thinking, wonder how she did that, some mini stamp idea???? Then you tell me, sequins. It looks totally brilliant, you are so gifted, talented and inspiring.

  4. How!? How did you make it! It's amazing! The environment and mermaid they both stunning.

  5. Wow Kelly what a lovely card - the stippled water is fabulous, as is the mermaid tail :-) Well worth the effort. I said a prayer for the Mum - what a heart wrenching night you must have had.


  6. Your post made me very sad and sorry about this mother's pain, may God come so close and comfort her as only He knows how....and happy for you to have the sweet time with your wee one. Your card is quite simply stunning with vibrancy of colour which just jumps out and pulls you's almost like a vivid storybook illustration. I always love a visit to your blog, I'm sorry I don't comment more often.

  7. Your card is beautiful Kelly!

    As for your story, so heart wrenching! I pray for this Mother to have faith and strength. So glad you spent some loving one on one time with your baby. No one should take a moment for granted when they have little ones.

  8. Thank you for the reminder to be so eternally grateful for the loved ones in our lives, especially our children. My heart and thoughts go out to that mother! No matter how big or small, love 'em and let them know. Thank you as well for the job you do that has to be so very difficult. I admire you in so many ways. Hugs!

    Your card is glorious! Your skills are shining brightly here. I had a face palm moment when you said you printed off a second image on printer paper to act as a mask. Never thought of that! D'oh! So, thanks for sharing that tip. Your ocean waves look amazing and that tail! What we won't do for our cards. I'm so glad you went the extra mile. It absolutely was so worth the effort. Your skills blow me away time and again. Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a happy weekend.

  9. Consider it prayed, Kelly. Your sentimental post, and lovely waves have just washed over me, truly.

  10. So beautiful Kelly. The stippling is fabulous.

  11. WOWZERS - CAN I JUST SAY THAT AGAIN??? WOWZERS!!!! This is beautiful and gorgeous in such an ethereal way!! I love the way you painstakingly added those sequins to this and the way you just rock at whatever you do!! This scene is so lifelike I can hear the waves crashing around the pretty mermaid!!!

  12. Uh, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly, this is amazing!

    Sorry you had a bad night at work.... ((((HUGS))).

  13. I love this and I love A Day for Daisies digis!

  14. Dangit... not even through my first cup of coffee (with my sick, six year old behind me on the couch watching some cartoons) and I'm tearing up. I can't even tell her I love her because, at the moment, I'm scared I'd cry like a baby.
    Your card is amazing! I love that chubby mermaid... so much so, that I clicked on the link to see where I could buy her. *Newbie to digital stamps alert* So, I've never purchased a digital stamp. I quite frequently restamp when I'm not happy with my coloring. Is purchasing a digital stamp a one-time print, or is it possible to print it out more than once? Any help on explaining digital stamps would be greatly appreciated! ;)

  15. Your card is GORGEOUS! I love that you added the sequins to her tail. Fab!