Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Make It Crafty: Pictures Galore

  Hello Crafters!
How's it going?
Good I hope.
It's been a bit crazy around here. I had some training for work Monday then when I went to work Tuesday someone called off sick. Hello unscheduled 16 hour shift. ugh.
At least it was Day shift into Afternoons. Nights into Days is the worst. It's like you're a happy little vampire thriving in the dark and then someone tells you that you have to spend eight hours in the sun. AND drive home after your sixteen hour shift when other people are on the road which is the worst thing ever. Ever.
I'm going to stop chatting now because there are a ton of pictures in this post and you don't want to spend sixteen hours here.
Make It Crafty does these month long challenges which are really awesome for people who like to color. I am people who like to color. I also just finished three coloring tutorials that the owner Zoe created. I bought the coloring techniques, light source and techniques behind creases and folds e books. I loved them. They are so reasonably priced and I really learned a lot.
The other thing I wanted to talk about is background with Zig Clean Color markers. A few of you have emailed me regarding them so I wanted to share how I used them.
For this piece I wanted my light source to be at the top center.

I put my markers direct to paper concentrating my lightest colors in the center working out in a triangle. I added a bit of darker color onto the bottom and a lot of it onto the top sides. I added water in a downward stroke from top to bottom. After each swipe through I rinsed my brush and picked up clean water for the next swipe through. These clean colors run like crazy because of that your brush soaks up tons of pigment. If you didn't clean your brush in between you will transfer all that dark pigment up to the top making your entire background one shade.

I dried the paper after I added the water but wasn't happy with the result. It's pretty but I wanted something more vibrant. I decided to layer the color and use less water.

Scribble it on again. Swipe it in a downward motion cleaning the brush in between strokes.

Yes! Finally happy with it.

I had some images I practiced some techniques on already colored so I turned them into three cards.

I'm playing along with the mixing color families challenge using this card. Side note: I used this as a practice piece and THEN decided to put it on a card. What does that mean? I fussy cut it. FUSSY. CUT. Freakin' nightmare let me tell you. Don't do it. Do. Not. Just recolor it. It will be better for your card and that bleeding ulcer you don't yet have.
Other than ripping my hair out of my head and saying every word that makes you super unlady like in the best kind of way I really love the way the card came out. The sentiment is from WPlus 9's Happy Mail.
The next two are some simple coloring for the Crop It challenge. Enjoy!

Of course if you have any questions about the last two let me know. I just know this is already super long. I'm happy to answer your questions if you either email me or them in the comments :)

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  1. I am awe struck by your mermaid card! All of your cards are gorgeous but the mermaid - worth every minute you spent on it. Now frame it!!

  2. Girl, your coloring is AMAZING! (And you're writing always cracks me up!)

  3. AHHHHH!!! You are soooo talented! LOVE all three cards, Kelly! Amazing! ♥

  4. Geez you know how to work those Zigs. I also can't believe you fussy cut it. I am even more impressed. I may have to try the Zigs on backgrounds. I'm getting to like them more. xx

  5. Oh WOW!! That background came out fabulous!! I am going to have to experiment!! I LOVE the second two cards as well. Your coloring is AMAZING!! Especially the balloons on the second card!!

  6. GORGEOUS. The colors are so breathtaking. I love color, and wow do you supply it in abundance. Thank you.

  7. My jaw drops when I see your coloring skills! Beautiful, beautiful cards!

  8. SIMPLE coloring?! Simple?!?! These are gorgeous! Haha, fussy cutting that must have been quite a pain. Will check out those e-books you recommended. Thanks :)

  9. Fabulous colouring - I love your vibrant colours. My favourite card is the first, mermaid one!

  10. A beautiful background! Thanks for the instructions and photos to go with them. I was trying backgrounds with the Zigs last night and didn't have good results. I'll try this way.

  11. Absolutely fabulous and gorgeous coloring. Your skills are in tip top shape, that is for sure. Thank you so much for sharing these glorious projects. And for sharing all the photos! Bummer about that shift though. At least you weren't driving when you were super tired.

  12. Has coloring always been a passion, Kelly? YOu are just fantastic at it - in a class of your own!

  13. Love all your cards, beautiful bold backgrounds, which I will try, and gorgeous hair!! I just finished fussy cutting a some flowers that reassembled sea anemones, yikes, had 2 different pairs of scissors and a swivel exacto, I feel your pain, lol!

  14. Love all your cards, beautiful bold backgrounds, which I will try, and gorgeous hair!! I just finished fussy cutting a some flowers that reassembled sea anemones, yikes, had 2 different pairs of scissors and a swivel exacto, I feel your pain, lol!

  15. I am just bamboozled, befuddled, and OVERWHELMED with so many emotions when I see your art - yes, ART!!! You make images come to like and I am just in awe at how you do that - I am SO grateful to follow you and be a willing spectator to your awesome-ness!!! Oh, beautiful lady, have a wonderful day and be secure in the knowledge that you have knocked at least one person's socks off today - MINE and I loved it!!!

    1. I mean life not like - you make images come to life!!!!!

  16. Well I dont think I can speak any more highly than all your other fans. Brilliant but I do have a few questions. If you had to do the mermaid again would you colour and mask then do you background or stamp and mask, do your background then colour? I love love the tail of the mermaid, so brilliant. Then the other two cards, wow the colouring layout perfect. Did you colour and mask the third one? It doesnt look fussy cut but not sure

  17. Hi Kelly,

    I am a faithful follower and I too am in AWE of your talent!!!! I use my copics and the coloring comes up very nice but it is a loooooong stretch from yours! I saw your video for the card with Pretty Peonies and I did not mind the "rambling" as much as some of the time I could not hear on account of the music overpowering your voice. I have the digi with the girl and the present, and would appreciate very much if you would do a video of it, pretty please!!!
    Thanks for your inspirational cards, your tips and your DIVINE talent!

    María Alba
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  18. sigh....just drinking in the gorgeousness! Love each of these, Kelly, thanks for the info on how you created the bg!

  19. The mermaid background is really great looking! And all the coloring wow you are one talented artist!!!

  20. Fan.Tas.Tic. Nuff said. Thank you so much for joining the Cropped Challenge at Make it Clean and Simple. Good Luck x

  21. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog. Wow. Beautiful! Can you tell me where you got the images above? Especially the girl with balloons? Thanks!