Friday, September 11, 2015

Frame it!

 Hello Crafters! 

How are you?
Good, I hope. 

Warning* The first part of this post is not craft related.*

Before I move on to the card I just wanted to mention that today is September 11th. A day that stands in infamy in our history. Everyone has a story of where they were or weren't that day. Mine's pretty uninteresting but it's not about me. What is interesting is the weeks and months that followed September 11th. People came together. People helped each other. They were filled with compassion and kindness and were the type of people I want to know. Today instead of concentrating on the hate, think about that. There are groups calling for the murder of cops, the murder of white people. It's a frightening time filled with ignorant ideas.  All lives matters and to insinuate that any don't is ridiculous. Today please thank God for the things you have and pray for those people who protect it. 

Alright, Craft time! 

Today starts a new challenge at A Day For Daises and in case you haven't guessed it  . . .It's Frame it in!  

I used Fairy Mum Portrait from the newest release to create an ornamental fairy for my frame. I colored here with copics and then used my T-square ruler to draw a frame below her. I used warm grays for her wings but didn't have cardstock to match. So I made my own :) I colored a piece of white cardstock with Warm Wool ink (bet you didn't know that wasn't colored cardstock mwhahaha!) and cut a frame. I used my exacto knife to trim out the center of the square underneath the fairy.  

To create the portrait for my frame I used another image called Twin Daises. I used the same technique I did in this post. You can see the video on that post or on my Youtube channel

I printed out my image very lightly on watercolor paper and then used Zig Clean color markers to watercolor with. I actually made this card first. I love the way it came out. :) I adhered the gray frame to my copic colored panel then popped up the whole thing over my watercoloring. 

You can join in the challenge over on A Day For Daisies Blog as well as see all the other inspiration the design team has created. 

Thank you for stopping by! 



  1. This is one gasp worthy card which includes some of my favorite colors. And I so agree with your words.

  2. Stuuuuuuuuning.... way to rock the colors :)

  3. Those zig pens do some amazing things, just gorgeous Kelly! I saw this on the ADFD page and had to come over and comment how much I love this card you've made :)

  4. Absolutely stunning! You did such a beautiful job with those colors too! ♥

  5. This is breathtaking!! I LOVE the colors on this and that flower-STUNNING!!

  6. Super nice. Nice thoughts for today also.

  7. Super nice. Nice thoughts for today also.

  8. You are so right in the poignant thoughts you shared - you are such an amazing lady with a HUGE heart!! Your card is a MASTERPIECE and it is even framed!!! =] Loving your coloring as always and the flower is so ethereal in its' watercolored beauty!!! Delightfully beautiful!!! Wishing you a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!!

  9. Kelly 'make love not war' is still a really good mantra, right? Now this card? I'm betting if a fairy had an MRI this is exactly the beauty that would be revealed!! So pretty!

  10. Well said, Kelly! It makes no sense to me what some human beings do to others.
    Now onto your project: I am of the opinion that you have an amazing talent at colouring with Copics, but as I see more and more of your projects lately, I can see that your watercolouring skills are unbelievable too! Love the colour choice, which makes the flower shine right off the paper!

  11. Beautiful!...I'm wondering what kind of printer you have...I cannot print watercolor paper on my printer because the paper is so thick!

  12. hey there kelly... i absolutely love your talent and artist work... i am cheering for you... 3 cheers 4 a brave artist! i am not a crowds person.. i just start sweating as soon as i think of it:) LoL... so.. thanks for the gr8 view ;)

    1. to "susan lankford".a subscriber of kellys.... could you flatten your watercolor paper first in a die cutting machine and then your texture is gone but maybe you dont need the texture this way... this is just a thot..i am an" experimenter" but i dont have answers like long time "experiencers".or other well learned artists..... LoL.. cheers...:) hope that helps someone along the way tho...

  13. What a stunner Kelly - love your vibrant colours and the wonderful frame.

  14. Your opening is right on, sadly. Your colors are fabulous together.

  15. love! love the different kinds of stamping and coloring--they look fab together!