Monday, November 2, 2015

CASEing Genius: Lisa Lahiff

Hello Crafters! 

We are kicking off the second year of CASEing Genius with another super talented crafter . . .

Oh my goodness you guys I just love Lisa's style. She tends to create projects that are very cute by nature and she makes me wish I owned them all every single time! I'm just in awe off how she uses critters, not to mention how she colors them. I see her all around blogland leaving little bits of love and encouragement every where she goes. She's such a sweetheart! You can see all her amazingness at her blog, Lisa's Creative Niche

Time for the questions . .

The Interview: 

1. Who are you and where do you live?
My name is Lisa Lahiff and I am the stay at home (sort of) Mommy of my two little ones Aiden and Madeline.  I say sort of because I also watch my two younger nephews, and have since they were born.  I am married to my college sweetheart going on 9 years this Fall.  Most of the time you will find me posting on my blog: Lisa’s Creative Niche.  I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life, and I still love experiencing the seasons!

2. How would you describe your style?
I tend to craft with a clean and simple feel, but I really don’t like defining myself as I feel like I might get stuck.  So once in a while you might find me experimenting with different styles on different projects.

3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
Oh man, this is so hard to list just one!  I tend to crush on lots of products most of the time, but I guess right now I’m crushing on the new Zig Clean Markers… I don’t own any at the moment, but I’m hoping Santa will have found me to be a good girl this year hehehe!

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
Hmmm… My first crafty purchase was patterned paper and stickers… and no I would probably not buy those styles now as they are no where near what I like to currently work with.  My taste has changed a lot since then, hehehe!

Fun Stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song?
Shut Up and Dance, I can’t help but dance and sing along. We tend to sing a more g rated version at my house with “Hush Up and Dance With Me”, but when you have 3 and 6 year olds in the house that’s what happens, haha! Plus the band happens to originate from Cincinnati Ohio, so double score!

6. Who would play you in a movie?
Jennifer Love Hewitt, did I answer that too fast? hehe!

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess?
 I have my belly button pierced… yep and I’m old haha!  It was my one actual rebellious move that I didn’t even do until I was 21, I know I know real crazy, huh? hehehe! 

During the interview process Lisa and I learned we actually don't live that far away from each other. How fun?! The next time she comes my way to visit I'm going to make her meet me so I can hug her face off. Also, I want Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair and I had my belly button pierced too. We were destined to be friends. 

Time to look at the goods!

Ha! So punny!! I love the soft watercolor background in contrast with those black spatters. It creates an amazing focal point. 

Does this sweet little fairy just fly off the card or is it just me?! I adore how she is in pale colors against that black watercolor background. She POPs so beautifully. 

Lisa shows she can use some patterns and layers when she wants too! These little girls are too cool for school. (Laugh. I'm hysterical.) Bringing in the clip and corkboard is such fun way to add texture. 


I really loved the watercolor background from Lisa's first card along with the black splatters. I took the night scene and heat embossing from the second card then incorporated 3 bears as my focal point because there are three girls on her third card. I also popped up my critters on foam tape because Lisa did that in both her second and third cards. 

You can check it all out in the video Below 

Can I tell you that Nathan came in yelling "Mommy! Mommy!" 3 different tames during this voiceover?! There's a reason I do them at night. haha!

In the meantime feel free to head over and leave Lisa some love as well as get working on your card for the CASEing Genius Anniversary challenge

There are prizes people. Good Prizes.

Get crafting. 

Thanks for visiting!



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