Monday, November 9, 2015

CASEing Genius: Mary Dawn Quirindongo

Hello Crafters! 

Happy Monday to you!
Are you guys ready to meet this week's genius? 

 I first met Mary Dawn way back when she was running A Blog Named Hero and I was on the design team. I instantly loved her. It's completely true. She's hilarious and kind, She is very sweet but she says it like it is  She's like my personality doppelganger to the Nth degree but way more funny. Not only is she this super amazing person she is also a rock star crafter. It's seriously unfair ho talented she is. However, we get to oogle all her pretty things so I can't be mad about it. You can see all her awesomeness on her blog, My Pink Mexico

The Interview:

1. Who are you and where do you live? I am Mary Dawn and I live in Central Kentucky.

2. How would you describe your style? I think my style is a little bit all over the place, so let's call it "eclectic".

3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now? My current love are my Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers. They're the first coloring medium that gets me...or I get them, whatever, it's mutual.

4. What was your first crafty purchase? Clearsnap Colorbox Black Pigment Ink Would you still buy it now? In a word: no.

Fun Stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song? Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor

6. Who would play you in a movie? Melissa McCarthy, let's just be real ;)

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess? I play MMORPGs, massively multiplayer online role playing current favorite is Guild Wars 2. 

Clearly her love affair with Zigs is mutual. She is doing amazing things with them. Also, I love me some RPG (Role Playing Games) I never played online but I own two Zelda shirts and I own that ish like nobody's business. What. 

Time for Pretty Stuff . . .

Could you even love this more? The solid images watercolored with such a beautiful color combination is stunning. Wait right here while I go retrieve my socks that blew off. 

Ohmegee. The depth on those flowers is incredible. I feel like I could just pluck them off her card. The combination of the bright red and light tiffany blue makes my heart go pitter patter.  

I just love how she puts together color. The random background is gorgeous and I love how she paired it with neutral white heat embossing. That bold sentiment is just beautiful!

The CASE: 

I know this doesn't look a single thing like any of the cards above. Haha. 
Let me explain. 

I had to get down with the watercoloring for sure. I wanted to try my hand at using a stencil to create a large outline like Mary Dawn did in her first card but I also wanted to use the flowers from the second card. 

I compromised by using the ornament to create a bright red focal point. I adored the random splashes of color in her third card and wanted to mimic that. Last but not least a large black sentiment to finish it off just like Mary Dawn did in all three of her cards. 

There's a video, of course :) 

I hope you enjoyed. 

A few things before you go . . .

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  1. i love you more and you're way funnier <3 thank you for having me, my darling, did i mention that i love you?

  2. You both have a unique way of using color!

  3. She's pretty cool - and her cards are amazing! Your CASE is gorges - love your watercolouring :)

  4. Wow! These are fabulous!!! I love the water coloring!

  5. Gorgeous card once again! Great video too! Mary Dawn rocks and so do you! :)

  6. Fabulous case, and Mary Dawn's work has always been eyecatching.

  7. These are ALL amazing and you both know how to rock color!!

  8. Yay, Mary Dawn!! AMAZING creations, always!! Love!
    And such a GORGEOUS case, Kelly!!

  9. Let me just say that you're both awesome ... now I'm off to stare at that trio of critters for a while all the while thinking how DID she do this????

    1. I used my cameo to cut masks from freezer paper and ironed the mask onto watercolor paper! then I smooshed 🙃

  10. What amazing cards - by you both - your take on Mary Dawn's cards is fabulous.

  11. Wow wow wow, awesome cards by Mary Dawn and you, my goodness such eye candy!!!

  12. So, every time I see your blog posts I think to myself.. Self, is she calling herself a genius because of her ability to make something so awesome, from other people's designs, or is she saying they are geniuses because of their designs? Then I realize.. Well, it's obviously both!!

    You are a genius, and I love watching your videos, and seeing how you put everything together. I also love the designers you choose to case. They always have such have gorgeous creations.

    Thanks for all you do. ^_^

  13. AMAZING Case Kelly.. When I grow up, I WANT TO be YOU!