Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Blessings: No Line Coloring

 Hello Crafters! 

Whoo Hoo! You made it. 
Happy Friday! 

My hubs and I have a date night planned tonight. Like a real date, where we aren't going to wear pajamas, I'll actually get a shower longer than 5 minutes, and we'll be childless. 
Crazy, I know. 

Today, I am sharing a video over on the MarkerPOP blog featuring no line coloring 

I was super inspired by a Periscope Dawn from WPlus9 did a few week's ago. She hand drew her flowers with copics. I cheated by using her flower stamps to get a similar look. :)

Also, I don't know how to say flower names and the ink I used in the video is actually Fairy Dust and not Falling Star. Not sure how I mixed the two . . :/ 

I hope you'll head over to the MarkerPOP blog and check it out.
Thanks for dropping by!



  1. Wow, this is breathtaking. Love your choice of colour!

  2. Have a rip roaring GOOD time tonight!
    LOVELY card:)

  3. Kelly, beautiful card. Love this no line colouring.

  4. BEAUTIFUL Kelly!! This looks like a painting, frame worthy for sure!

  5. Wow! This card is absolutely stunning. ♥

  6. Kelly, your card is just stunning. I always look forward to your posts as your style and use of color is absolutely amazing, refreshing, and gorgeous. (not to mention you make it look so easy). I found you while searching high and low through YouTube trying to find someone new to watch. While the big name, popular card makers out there create beautiful cards too, they all seem to do roughly the same thing as each other with a ridiculous amount of supplies (which most of us cannot even afford 1/100th of, regardless of the disclaimer about needing/having so much because it's their "job"). You really do bring a whole new meaning to clean and simple cards. In the Darnell Take Two video you made a comment about doing the long version in response to your friends telling you that you kind of lost yourself in the extremely edited version. I could not agree more. As far as the length of the video, it didn't really bother me, as many people commented, because you are enjoyable to listen to and learn from, (YouTube does have a fast forward option), If you're more of a beginner like me, it can be difficult to really understand the process from beginning to end if too much is edited. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to do your posts for all of us and I hope you had a great date night.

  7. Beautiful!! You ROCKED nlc on this card!!

  8. Your no line coloring is lovely, I'm off to watch the video :)

  9. Kelly, simply gorgeous. I have a question about the no line watercolor card: you say that you stamped with Falling Star ink, but on the W Plus 9 site that is a yellow color. Did you stamp with Silver Lining, maybe?

    1. I know! I completely messed that up. :) Oops. I do mention it in the blog post though. It's actually Fairy Dust.

    2. Thanks! I didn't catch that in the blog post; I watched on YouTube, and subscribed!