Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Updates and a Fairy Video

 Hello Crafters! 

Oh my goodness we are halfway through the week already! 
I feel like it's been a minute since I typed a post that was just like "What's up?!" 

Let's recap a few fun things shall we?

First work: We had another person quit. Hello 16 hour days. The money is good right? right?! 

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure you've seen that my wonderful friend Jennifer is doing something amazing. She's challenging all of us to be kind. Wait. Huh? You mean to tell me not nice people are just out and about in the world? Unfortunately folks, being an a-hole isn't illegal. (Ask me how many times I've said that at work?! Actually don't. It's impossible to count.) However, we CAN combat that with kindness. How? It's simple. 1. Be kind. 2. Mail out those beautiful cards you make. I am terrible at this. There are going to be a bunch of people who get a slew of cards from me. Earth may jump out of orbit. Check out her awesome post here

It was Halloween. We went as Minnie and Mickey. Nathan went up to each door and instead of saying :Trick or Treat" he said "More Candy." haha. He's adorable. I'm not biased at all. 

Sidenote EVERY woman's costume maker believes you want to look super promiscuous. It's like you don't really want to dress up as Minnie. Oh no, you want to dress up as a hooker who dressed up as Minnie.  My costume came in the mail and the hubs was like "You're wearing that?!" wink wink. I was like yeah with pants and a long sleeve shirt. This is Ohio, it's 40 degrees and I'm taking our 2 year old trick or treating. Getting picked up for solicitation was not on the agenda. I'll take the zero thanks.

We are a week into the CASEing Genius Challenge. Don't miss your opportunity to play along for not only the chance to win some fabulous prizes but also to spread some love to other crafters in the community. If you missed it the post is here

Last but not least yesterday I showed you a peek of a card I shared on Instagram. I had so much fun participating in my first ever Istagram hop. Seriously simple and a ridiculous amount of talent. We were introducing the newest stamps from Make It Crafty called Curvaceous Fairies. My card features Twinklefly

I made a video. I really had to speed up the Copic coloring because it took forever and it's still pretty long. Totally worth it though, I love the way she came out :) 

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 



  1. Your little fella is so cute, I would have been more than happy to go with the 'more candy' and you make one beautiful 'minni mouse'. Your card is beautiful. Worth every minute of watching. The skill you show with your copic colouring is second to none. And combining with the zig watercolour just brilliant.

  2. Your coloring amazes me!! So incredibly brilliant!!!

  3. Awe such fun time, you both look cute!! Your fairy card is awesome!

  4. The two of you look so cute and I love that card! Your coloring is gorgeous as always!!!

  5. I love you. . . . . that's all. ♥

  6. Don't get me started on women's costumes! You do both look cute though. And your colouring is unbelievable - I've got a lot of years of practice ahead! Xx

  7. Great costumes, agree on the costume thing. You both look so festive. Your card is beautiful, love the depth you got.

  8. You BOTH look adorable Kelly!! Pretty card today!!

  9. You and your son look so cute!!!! You should use this site to organize all crafty friends addresses ;-) - and in love with your coloring as always!!