Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One Layer Background: Simon Says Stamp Paintables

 Hello Crafters! 

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday which is masquerading as a Monday. 
Nathan's party was awesome minus the 5 minutes the win kicked up enough to knock over my patio table and broke my umbrella. The glass table stayed intact so I'm calling it a win. We even had a cake fight. 

and the birthday boy was thrilled with his Blaze and the Monster Machines theme. 

Unfortunately, he got sick on Sunday and it's been hanging around ever since. My little guy is being a trooper but I'm over the green poop and sleepless nights youknowwhatI'msayin. 
Oh the joys of motherhood. 

Before we get to the card I have just one more thing to discuss. 

Thank you! 

Yesterday I realized that I had hit 5000 Youtube subscribers. Eeek! 
You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Legit, you all rock. I'm so grateful. 

Speaking of videos let's het to it shall we?  

I used one of the So Suzy Watercolor Paintables from Spring. I am seriously in love with these things. After the weekend I had I just wanted to sit and color something pretty. These paintables are always my go to for that. 

What do you think about the background? I'm telling you I had no choice. That card was holding me hostage. I needed those rays. 
I love how making a copy of the image gives me a quick mask I can use for whatever. It really opens up those background possibilities. I think next time I might try die cutting some masks to use. We'll see. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I'll be seeing you this coming week with some new release products. 
There so cute you'll die. But then revive yourself because the cuteness is far to precious to leave behind. 

Since we're on the subject of oh so cute AND this post is all about one layer backgrounds you can see both in the card I shared on the WPlus9 blog yesterday. 

There's a video too ;) 



  1. Ohhh - so sorry to hear about your son - motherhood is marvelous, most of the time.... then come the grandchildren :-).
    Love your cards - they really are beautiful

  2. Your cards are beautiful, Kelly! Congrats on the YouTube milestone!

    Sorry the little guy is sick. :-(

    (and...just sayin'...blue cake frosting = green poop)

  3. Wow ... a birthday party with a cake fight sounds like my kinda fun! (minus the clean-up, of course) :-) I can't get over the fact that your Sunshine in my Heart card doesn't have the sentiment die cut - it looks so 3D with your beautiful shading and crystal affects addition. Both cards are amazing, Kelly!

  4. Love your rays background...genius!

  5. He is so darn cute! Happy belated birthday to him and hope he feels better soon! Beautiful coloring too!

  6. Well, Kelly, you will have to forgive me because I am going to alter that quote a little - YOUR ART is like SUNSHINE to my HEART!! love what you do and how everything you make brings a smile!!

  7. so colorful and happy,...thats why I love what you do.

  8. This is fantastic Kelly. I love how you coloured this card, it really IS fantastic. I saw your panda card yesterday and was amazed at how you coloured that. You are so talented!

  9. Looks like an awesome fun party! Your colouring on your card is fabulous! The words just POP right off the paper! Gorgeous.