Sunday, May 22, 2016

Use What You've Got: A Communion Card

 Hello Crafters! 

How is your weekend going?
Mine has been fabulous but busy.
It was Police Memorial week and we went to the Parade and the Tattoo. If we are friends on Facebook you may have seen some pictures. It was a wonderful time spent with great people.

Today is extra special.
My little peanut butter cup is 3 today.
While I love seeing his sweet personality blossom I'm also a tad heartbroken because he isn't a baby anymore. I mean he'll always be MY baby but well you know.
We are taking him to ride the train today, a day with Thomas the Train. The weather is amazing. I hope he has the best time ever.

Alright let's launch into this card shall we?

We had a friend's little's first communion I needed a card for. I do not own a set specifically for Communions so I had to get a bit creative with the stamps I already own. I think I did alright ;)

A stencil, two stamp sets, and a two die cuts later BAM communion card. 
I did put together a video showing you how it all came together. 

Don't you just love getting more out of your craft stuff? I do. This right here makes me so happy. It makes me feel like this card is my own. Love that.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 
If you're interested in seeing a boat load of pictures of my son please feel free to follow me on Instagram, username Disp6194. I will be inundating all my followers with pictures of my handsome son shortly. 



  1. AHH, yes it's hard to see them grow up, yet rewarding at the same time. Happy Birthday to your little man! I feel your twinge of grief. My first born just moved out today..a 20 year old man on his own; a 6'4" ginger teddy bear. He says he'll be home every now and then for a good meal:))
    Lovely treatment on the blue clouds!

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  3. What a great scene you have created Kelly - and a wonderful card for the occasion.

  4. Very nice card. I really like how you add details to your cards by using Copics.

  5. This is beautiful, Kelly!
    And my youngest is 7 now, though he knows he'll always be my baby boy!...Surprisingly, he doesn't seem to mind it. Just hopefully, he'll stay that way. ;) Hope your boy had a great day! :)

  6. Perfect communion card! Love the soft clouds behind the church. Happy Birthday to Nathan! Big 3!