Friday, September 23, 2016

Christy's 10,000 Followers Video Hop!

Hello Crafters! 

Today we are celebrating Christy's achievement of 10,000 Youtube subscribers! 
Whoop, whoop! 

Christy decided to do a Youtube Video Hop and I'm thrilled to be playing along! 

There is spectacular line up so while I am sharing my card and video here I encourage you to head over to Youtube and hop along. 
There just might be prizes you can win. 
Okay, there are Prizes you can win. 

Coffee is how I celebrate everyday so it seemed fitting to use it on today's card. 

You can check out my video below. 

I love those little whip cream toppers! They are so cute. The irony is in real life I don't even like Whip Cream haha. 

If you would like all the details about the prizes you can head over to Christy's blog post to learn all about it. 

If you're itching for videos here's the whole line up! 


  1. I had wondered what one would do with those souffle pens. Cute idea.

  2. Love the details with the embossing pen. Need to buy some now. Love your videos. Looking forward to your next one.