Monday, October 31, 2016

You're Super

Hello Crafters! 

So . .. this post was originally supposed to go up this morning. Oops. 
Halloween got a little crazy due to some late shipping and I completely forgot to hit publish. Ah well, here we are. 
It's still technically Halloween right? 

Added bonus I can now shamelessly parade my adorable child in front of you.
You're Welcome. 

We went as dinosaurs. That tail was awful to make. 
He really loved it though so I guess it was worth it. :) 

For today's video I used Dress Up Doxies from Newton's Nook. It's meant as a Halloween set and is completely adorable however I'm going to send it just to let my friend know I think she's amazing! 

Before you start the video let me give you a heads up, part of my footage was eaten. The gremlins strike again! B@#$%! 
I have nothing nice to say about them. Let's move along. 

Even though the coloring is currently being devoured by hungry camera gremlins I hope you sstill learned a bit about backgrounds :) 

It really doesn't have to be perfect to be good. In fact it's even kind of charming to just let it be what it is. 

Thanks so much for dropping in. 
I'll be scheduling videos like crazy for the next few weeks. :) 



  1. WOW!! I LOVE the background you did on this. The adorable little dog POPS!!

  2. Thanks for the video even without some parts. Get job showing how you can add things without having perfect stamps to fit!