Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christmas Everywhere and Why Children Make you Sleepy

Hello Crafters!

I hope you're week is starting off well!

Mine has been a pretty sleepy one so far. Can I just shout out to all my Moms out there. Raising children is exhausting yo. 
I'm not saying it isn't worth it but at one point yesterday I was looking at my computer screen and I'm pretty positive I was sleeping for 10 minutes with my eyes open. Is that even possible? If not I've discovered a new phenomenon and will be rich shortly. 
No worries, I'll still make cards cause it's fun. 

I'm about to ramble on about my life so if you're just here for the cards please feel free to skip to the bottom :) 

My dear sweet child refuses to sleep. I'm fairly sure that during the night while I'm sleeping he sets up some sort of alien machine that actually sucks the energy out of me and transfers it to him. I never seen the machine but I'm positive it exists.  He may hide it in his closet. Lord knows I haven't cleaned in there for a month of Sundays. Too tired. 

Last night we had the following conversations.

N: Mommy, Mommy.
Me: What?
N; I'm frightened. 
Me sitting on the edge of his bed: What are you scared of?
N: I don't know. 

N: Mommy, Mommy.
Me: What?
N; I'm hungry
Me: No, You're not

N: Mommy, Mommy.
Me: Dear Lord, What?
N:  I have to go potty
Me: Alright let's go, you know this is the golden ticket don't you?
N: *grins mischievously*

N: Mommy, Mommy.
Me: Sweet Mary Mother of God give me strength, What?
N: Do my back (i.e. rub my back)
Me; One minute

N: Mommy, Mommy.
Me: Lord Jesus I'm going to lose my $%@!, What?
N: I have to poop. 
Me: *waits patiently* are you done pooping? 
N: Still pooping
Me: I'm going to wash my face I'll be back. *washes face*
N: *sits on the couch eating cheezits* I'm still pooping. 
Me: No, you're not. Back to bed. 
Me: *laying in the toddler bed* buddy you have to go to bed because mommy can't go to bed until you do and mommy is so tired. 
N: passes out. 

Yes, I guilted my child into bed. No I don't feel bad about it. 
Thanks for letting me vent. Here's some pretty cards for your trouble. 

I'm over on the Simon Says Stamp Blog sharing a new video featuring lots of gorgeous floral stamps. Winter bouquets are so fun! 

I also have a video up on the WPlus9 blog showing this adorable Santa and his reindeer. Christmas really is everywhere, at least on my blog anyway. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Oh I so remember those days with little ones. I learned very early on that I can cope with anything if I get enough sleep. Without sleep, every little thing becomes huge. You have my sympathies and I hope he settles into a sleep pattern soon. In the meantime, your sleep deprivation hasn't affected your card-making abilities at all - that winter bouquet is stunning!

  2. Sleep deprivation is the worst. Your cards are beautiful and the colors are wow! Looking forward to seeing the videos.

  3. Kelly, your cards are superb. Exquisite colouring! I hear you on the sleep deprivation. My girls are 14 & 9 and I'm still having the bedtime fight. These days, though, when I'm really losing the fight and super tired, I just go to bed and leave them to it. I still wake them EARLY in the morning. ;-)

  4. Sounds like conversations I have heard in my DD's house from time to time.... even Master 4 tries it still
    Beautiful cards Kelly, sleep deprivation does not affect your card making I see.

  5. Hang in there. In spite of working & tired mama your cards are super nice! These two are just so vibrant and great looking. You coloring rocks!