Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Magic of Christmas

Hello Crafters! 

Wow it's been a minute since I've posted anything. 

I was crazy with Halloween and then I went out of town for a much needed girls weekend. Thank God for crafty friends. They really just refill your soul.
Then the election hit.
So much hate. It breaks my heart. I hope you know whoever you voted for I still love you. You're entitled to your opinion. Free thinking is important. I absolutely respect your view.

Onto happier things,
I have been creating and filming quite a bit but most of it is for fun future projects. 

I finally got around to making one just for fun. Hallelujah! 

I also bought a bigger light tent. What?! I'm pretending I'm a real photographer and staging my photos. What do you think? 
Well the photos are brighter anyway. 

You can see the whole card in the video below. There was so much coloring switching. Ahhh. 

I think the subtle texture in the tree is super fun. Plus, another use for my stamp. Yay for multi use stamps :) 

When I have long stretches of breaks here on my personal blog you can almost always find me on someone else's. Last week I shared a simple card set on the Wplus9 blog. If one weekend video isn't enough you can get your fill there. 

Thanks for stopping in to see me in the midst of your weekend! 



  1. Beautiful coloring! And I really enjoy the CAS cards.

  2. Loving both cards, looking forward to sitting down with the videos.

  3. Watching your past videos now that I have a chance to catch up... just wanted to say thank you for showing and Explaining how to shade and draw backgrounds. So many other crafters just speed up videos to fast. Thank you again ...I'm learning tons!

  4. That card with the tree, toys and wagon is so darn cute! I really like the gray shading under everything. Super nice coloring too!

  5. I forgot to say your wplus9 cards are really pretty!

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