Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sending You Love: Coloring Blending

Hello Crafters! 

Happy Saturday! 

You know we keep it real here on the ole' blog so I'm going to just jump right in to my crazy life. 
If you are a stay at home Momma you are a saint. Like St. Peter should be waiting for you at the pearly gates with a Dunkin Donuts coffee and an all day pass at Target. 

I am a working Momma with a 3 year old who is in a stage where I'm fairly sure he is doing everything in his power to rob me of my patience and sanity. I've had some time off work and since the hubs is kicking the working out in high gear for the new year it's been me and the little man for about 12 uninterrupted hours a day. Uninterrupted because he has decided naps are the devil. I'm very sad that he fails to see how naps are mommy's best friend.
 Literally, my best friend. I would buy naps presents and put on make up for them if they promised to keep coming around. Hell, I'd even shave my legs. I'm committed to you naps. 
Between the pulling of dog ears, picking of dog noses, general whineiness, and altogether not listening it's been a rough couple of days. 
Of course there is the occasional gigantic hug followed by a very emphatic "I love you Mommy" that makes all of the crap worth it but I'm having a pity party here folks. Don't interrupt me with your blessings and silver lining. 

The point of this rant? 
I needed to color. If naps isn't coming around for date night coloring had better show up or sanity is leaving for a complete vacation, and she's not taking me with her. Selfish. 
Thank goodness for coloring. Only friend I've got left. 

I opted for pretty flowers because well I like flowers. That's it. Very profound I know.
I pulled out some of my Create A Smile Stamps and got to work. Start to finish in the video below. 

Even though it seems a bit heavy to me it definitely served it purpose. By the end of it I felt more like a loving mommy and less like a crazy person. Tomorrow's bound to be a better day right?  

Maybe I can seduce naps into showing up. If not coloring will always be there for me. 
Loyal that one. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit! 



  1. WOW Kelly, I just love how you color.

  2. Oh Kelly this is beautiful!! Your coloring is SUPERB!!

    And I LOVE your post about naps. My daughter gave up naps at 2 1/2. She just wouldn't go down. What I did, though was institute "quiet time" in her room. (she was VERY verbal and understood all this. They get more then you think!!) I put on a timer and set her up in her room and told her to play by herself. When the timer went off, she was able to come out. She did not like it at first but eventually she got the hang of it. Sometimes she would lay on her toddler bed and fall asleep!!

    I started small. First it was for 15 minutes, then I set the timer for 30 minutes etc... until we got to an hour. I was a stay at home mom for the first five years and needed this time for ME!! (even if you are not a stay at home mother, you still need me time. It is what makes us sane and a healthy adult!!)

    We also taught her numbers zero through ten at age two. We bought her a clock and told her on the weekends she could not get us out of bed until eight zero zero. We would hear her singing and talking to herself but she would not get up unless she needed to go to the bathroom. (she was trained at 2 1/2-told me diapers were for babies) When 8:00 hit though, she would be calling us, telling us her clock said it was time to get up.

    Fast forward to sixteen when I cannot get her out of bed. Too bad it wasn't the opposite!!

  3. Fabulous colouring Kelly, this card is just gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend. Cheers Donna Z :)

  4. Kelly beautiful colouring even under all that stress. so many of us can hear where your coming from. When my twins decided naps were no longer a necessity of life I thought my life as a sane human being had come to an end but 24 years later I'm still going strong and its the grandkids that I love so very dearly but really just a little nap for nanny would be nice, just a short period of time without the voices that never seems to stop.......and back to your card, I love the colours you have done the flowers in, so pretty and soft yet vibrant. Beautiful as ever.

  5. Oh Kelly I hear you - I also used the quiet time technique... I had to. Trouble was my biddable daughter was followed with a 'push the boundaries' boy, but it still 'sort of worked', but not quite as well. Love your gorgeous card - keep colouring girl!!

  6. Hang in there, momma! Being a mom is not easy but I know you're doing a great job! Love you! (and love this card too!) ♥

  7. Hang in there, your coloring is fabulous as usual.

  8. I know how you feel about naps. My oldest learned how to get out of his crib the same week I had his younger brother, and I had a pity party. "Really, child? You couldn't wait a few more weeks?"
    But now they're 13 and 9, and nap times are long gone. I homeschool both of mine, so I don't really get a break until Daddy gets home. I generally make a card when I'm feeling overdone. The chance to be creative really helps me recharge.
    Thanks for your honest post, it's nice to not be the only one who feels like she's going crazy at times.