Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wet and Dry Watercolor with Distress Inks

Hello Crafters! 

Today's post is all about teachers. 
My little peanut butter cup is 3 and last night we went to a Pre-school open house for the first time. Apparently, registration fills up so fast that they have to do it 7 months in advance. 


As I sat there asking questions to these women who were going to be responsible for not only the well being of my child but also the shaping of him. They will experience his achievements and failures with him while I hear about them after the fact. I'm inviting them in to the most important part of my world. 
and yet.....

Society doesn't always treat teachers as if they matter. 
How wild is that? 
My friend Jennifer had shared an article where a school near her area was tagged with less than flattering graffiti. Being the warm kind hearted person that Jennifer she is she immediately decided to do what she could. 

She decided to gather up some cards and buy them donuts and just make them feel appreciated. Which basically makes her a complete rockstar in by book. I wanted to create some cards to send down and thought I could get a bit of practice in for  my watercolors. Well distress ink watercoloring anyway. 

I decided to practice both the wet on wet technique and the wet on dry. I did two designs with the same colors so you could see the difference. I put together a little video too. 

I love how they are the same but difference. I think I still have a preference for the wet on wet technique because it carries just a little bit of magic. I love how the water just does it's thing and you're left with this gorgeous piece you really had nothing to do with. 

Moral of the story: Love your teachers, they really are helping to raise your children. Also, play with watercolor. It's super fun ;) 

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  1. Oh Kelly!! These are AMAZING!!! You are just the sweetest!!

  2. Your cards are going to be appreciated by the teachers who get them. My daughter and son in law are teachers so I know, firsthand, how important their job is.

  3. Kelly, I look forward to your videos each week and this one was no exception! I had to comment because I am a 4th grade teacher and your support of teachers made my heart very happy! Thank you!!

  4. Wonderful cards and great video! Love the purpose of these cards! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kudos for making our teachers feel appreciated and loved.

  6. Beautiful cards made by a kind heart. I agree, teachers should be appreciated more. My mom was a teacher.