Sunday, January 29, 2017

White Florals and Copics

 Hello Crafters! 

Happy Sunday! 
I hope you're enjoying one last completely chill day before heading into your work week. Today is actually my "Monday" but such is the life of a public servant haha. 

Speaking of being of service today's post is all about helping out one of my Youtube followers. 
Tina is such a supportive crafter when she sent me a message asking if I could do a card which showed how I color white flowers there was no way I was saying no. 
Sometimes that girl's Youtube comments are legit the highlight of my day :) 

She asked for a daisy style flower and while these aren't exactly daisies I thought they would be close enough for government work. I hope Tina thinks so too! 

I've really been digging the distress inks as watercolor lately so I decided to revisit the ink smooshing technique. You can see the entire card in the video below. 

I love how the flowers look so gray in the beginning but really shine as white by the end. It's all those "another things" that come together and make it happen haha! 

I swear I am actually going to mail this. Soon. 

Thanks so much for visiting! 



  1. Beautiful card...they look like my paper whites that were blooming this year.

  2. Awesome card and video, Kelly! I never knew you could use Copics on watercolour paper.

  3. Just a beautiful card!! Have never seen one done like that before. You are so talented!!

  4. Oh my gosh Kelly, you are too sweet!! The thought of being the highlight of anyone's day especially yours blows my mind. I look at all your work and am inspired. If kind words in exchange for your incredible talent makes you smile or brings some sunshine to your day then I am ever so happy to oblige. Thank you again, it really did help. I have watched it three times now. LOL.

  5. WOW Kelly all the little extras really made the white pop! Thanks for the fab video explaining the ins and outs of colouring things white. Have a fabulous day. Cheers Donna Z :)

  6. Such pretty flowers they come up off the page!

  7. Cant wait to see how you put this one together, love that bit of watercolor in the background. Fab!

  8. Wow, Kelly! This is gorgeous! I love how you've used these sets...stunning! Hugs!

  9. Gorgeous card! Thank you for the great video. I have not tried ink smooshing but today might be a good day to try it!

  10. I still get surprised at how much difference the 'outer' shading makes. The flowers really do look like they've been popped up. Amazing.