Tuesday, April 25, 2017

No One Stacks Up to You: Vintage Teacups

Hello Crafters! 

It's been a bit of a crazy busy week for me. I'm trying to fit in all the things (like pretty much every woman everywhere right?!) which is my usual schedule but this week is different because this week I'm taking a little trip. 

Where am I going you ask? 

I'm going somewhere super fun and amazing to spend a weekend with wonderful people whom I love dearly. 

I'm going to . . .

That's right. 
and I m so excited. 

The classes are sold out but they are doing a pop up shop with a bunch of make and takes for the customers. Among those many make and take booths is a Neat and Tangled booth and I will be in it. 

If you are going to CREATE please stop by the booth and see me I would love to meet you in person!! 

Onto today's card . . .

I have been on a watercolor kick lately but I've had these Vintage Teacups in my use pile for a few months now and there was no way I was using anything but Copics. 

You can watch my whole approach in the video below 

So there were definitely some bumps along the way but sometimes overcoming those obstacles helps you learn so much. Not to mention I get to pass on that learning to you!  

In the end I was really happy with the way they turned out. I am also glad I went back in and added those darker colors to the flowers haha! Apparently, contrast and I are having a real love affair. 

Thanks so much for dropping in to visit! 



  1. this card is absolutely stunning! loved the coloring :)

  2. This card is absolute beauty!!!! <3
    Suchi xx

  3. How beautiful! I'm crying on the inside that I can't go this weekend as my son and nephew are both receiving their first communion, which I'm happy about but why does everything fall on the some days?! Hehehe! Ok enough bitching and yay have a blast and hope to see photos!

  4. Fabulous rich colors and wonderful coloring.

  5. Kelly,

    I just love all your videos. I look forward to each new video you post. You are an amazing artist! I also love hearing all your stories. You are such an inspiration! I just wanted to say Thank You for doing what you do!

    Erin Enger