About Me

 Hello Crafters! 

Thank you so much for visiting my little piece of blogland. Let me tell you a bit about myself . . .

I am a full time crafter who spends most of her time creating, editing, producing craft videos and a part-time Police/Fire/Ems dispatcher. I chose to leave the field after 17 years full time to have more time to be with my family. 
Speaking of, I am married to wonderful man named Eric and we have a crazy 9 year old never ending bundle of energy and a sweet little 9 month old daughter who refuses to sleep but makes up for it cute baby giggles. They have two furry sisters our dog Molly who is a boxer/mastiff mix and Emma who is a boxer/bulldog mix. Between the four of them my house is never clean! ha! 
My style of card making is pretty Clean and Simple. I sometimes venture into the Clean and Layered but even then my design isn't very busy. I do love a good one layer card, especially if it's a scene! I'm a big fan of encouraging and supporting each other as crafters because honestly kindness is free and it never hurt anybody :)

Where else am I? 
I frequently post videos on Youtube of my crafting here. I'm looking into doing live feeds however, I haven't found a platform I love yet. When I do here's your warning, I'm fluent in both sarcasm and profanity so if that's not your bag you may not want to visit me there. Youtube is always family friendly funny stories :) My username is Kellytaylorcards on Instagram and Twitter. 

I do hope you'll take a look around while you're here.